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    Hi folks,

    We've launched our Kickstarter Campaign for Golem Arcana, and we're really excited to share what we've got planned for our new "Digitally Enhanced" Miniatures Game.


    Brief description of what we're making:
    "Golem Arcana is an expandable board game of the battles between armies of magical Golems, the Mages who master them, and the Ancient Ones they call on for supernatural powers. Though the Golem Arcana game mechanics are deep and sophisticated, the game moves quickly and is accessible by a very wide audience due to all of the mechanics and record keeping being handled by the game’s TDI stylus and mobile App.The initial two player game includes a game board (larger than the one in the video), 6 fully painted and assembled Golem figures (50mm+ tall) and the TDI stylus. Expansion sets will add more figures, game boards, and thus the ability to add additional players.
    Players assemble armies looking for the combination of attributes and special actions that allows them to realize their strategy. A typical army would consist of four to six Golem figures, each with an associated Golem Master or Blood Knight, and a couple of Ancient Ones to supply supernatural powers. Golems are represented on the game board with pre-painted figures while the Golem Masters, Blood Knights and Ancient Ones are presented in the game as digital characters within the mobile App."

    Help us spread the word, and of course share your feedback with us!


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    Hey folks,

    Have any questions about Golem Arcana?

    We'll be doing a reddit AMA, (ask me anything) this Thursday, September 19 at 2:30pm PST. Come ask Jordan anything!

    Find us in reddit.com/r/games
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