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    Hi all,

    What do you use for agitator balls (if any)?

    I want to get some for my burgeoning selection of Vallejo paints, where some separate (and refuse to mix) a lot more than others. I had thought of some stainless steel ball bearings of suitable size but would they react with the paint in unfortunate ways? Or would BB gun pellets be a better option?

    Many thanks

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    Glass beads are likely your best bet; it won't react with the chemicals in the paint.

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    Yeah, I once got some used Citadel paints (the OLD ones) that had BBs in them as agitators. They'd corroded and fused to the side of the bottle, and stained the paint.

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    Go for some small ballbearings. I have the old citadel range and I got some from ebay couple of quid for about 150. They dont rust and i used 1-2 depending on the paint. They work really well.

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    Add one of these to the bottle as an agitator to help mix the paint (it's glass so it won't rust and possibly dork up the paint!):

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    Glass beads. Martha Stewart has a nice line - shut up, I am so a man! No I can't show you my man card, it was revoke a while ago.
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    Glass or ceramic beads.

    One per bottle seems good and two for metallics
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zab View Post
    Glass beads. Martha Stewart has a nice line - shut up, I am so a man! No I can't show you my man card, it was revoke a while ago.
    No need to worry about man card, you have a much higher Trump to play:-
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