Looking for Storage Solutions for Base Game & Von Drakk
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Thread: Looking for Storage Solutions for Base Game & Von Drakk

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    Default Looking for Storage Solutions for Base Game & Von Drakk

    At Pax Prime I picked up Von Drakk and I am stoked to play the new game. Some time is going to pass before I paint these minis so transporting them in the expansion box is no problem.

    HOWEVER, after I paint them I am going to want to put them in something better.

    Currently the Base game fits in the original box with the Battle Foam inside. I have one small Plano Box that carries the tokens.

    There is a older thread on the Soda Pop forum where people recommended the Sabol Army Transport Case which costs $72. The official bag by Battle Foam does not fit Von Drakk and doesn't fit the game tiles.

    Reaper has a Transport Case that isn't big enough for the tiles that costs $50.

    Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    wow. 105 views and not one comment...

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    Guess that means we are all interested in the solution but do not have one ourselves.

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    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    That custom foam solution is really well done. I wonder how long it took though...

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