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    Hello there, I've recently purchased Super Dungeon Explore and it arrived today, as I was getting the miniatures out to start putting them together I found that the Claw Tribe Barbarian was missing, I looked in the box and around the area I am working but can't find her anywhere.

    Is one of the Support staff able to help me with this (Need the miniature as a friend was excited about playing the class)

    Thanks in advance,


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    A couple of questions for you. Did you get it directly from CMON? If so you can email CMON support [support@coolminiornot.com] to get help or open a ticket at thier help desk [https://cmon.zendesk.com/] Did you get it from an online retailer? If so you may need to email their support as most retailers have a defective / replacement program with the publishers.Repeat the last question but for an brick and mortar store. You might need to take it back there.

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    I got it from Amazon UK, so I could e-mail them about it.

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