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    Default Golden Demon 2013 UK

    Anyone going? Not heard any chatter about this.

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    We can't make it this year unfortunately
    Golem is busy

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    AndyG & I are going.

    Skraaal & Rose model art I think also.

    Forgot Sproket (how the hell can I forget sproket!!!)
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    Not this year. Unfortunately. I would like to and I have the weekend off as well. Nothing to enter. Would like to meet up with people, it was fun last year!


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    I'll not be there this year, as I'm off to a model horse show the weekend after and have to be ready with my wares.

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    not going, euromilitaire ate all my £££. damnit!
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    I'll say what I've said every year around this time since 2008: Next year!

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    Nope off to watch the American football at wembley instead

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    I'm going but have nothing to enter. My planned entry is nowhere near finished.

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    Yup, me and my brother are going this year again, but also going along with a couple of mates.

    At the end of last year we actually said that we'd not bother with this one as we'd got a little tired of the repeating format, with the change to the NIA we're going to give it a go. If it's no different then next year we'll likely just have a weekend up at Warhammer World instead!

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    Not this year. But plan to go next year.

    For my first ever games day.

    Although i wont be joining the Golden Deamon.
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    So? How did it go! Quality of entries? Names of winners?

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    congrats to sprocket for the slayer sword=)

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    And Golden Demon. Sigggh. Firstly, The lighting - awful, dark and misdirected.

    Secondly, please note this is not intended to be disparaging to any of the entrants at all. I know all art is subjective, indeed Ive come away with three lovely finalist medals so thats fine. But the decisions were appalling.
    There were some breathaking entries across all categories, but I feel there were political decisions made not artistic ones. One of the squad winning demons was totally tabletop level, mould lines still visible, no contrasting bits, and i wasnt the only one saying this. Other awesome squads were not even finalist.
    Again in Diorama, an awesome tau story, image, and beastmen. Nothing.
    There was even a sternguard squad which was nice, but made the final cut over some awesome other units, because it seemed it was a new release and wanted to draw attention to the models.

    I think GW has lost any objectivity in this and I will only be entering in future incidental pieces as any attempt to work toward the event seems empty now as it also has been taken over by the corporate and corrupt.

    Nontheless - well done Sprocket - now that was very very deserving!
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    Congratulations to SPROCKET.

    Also congratulations to Ten ball who has picked up 4 finalist awards and also AndyG who picked up at least one finalist as well.
    I guess their respective households will be a little hyper tonight.
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    Isn't it Sproket? as in ie. David Soper. Been following his blog on and off for a while.

    Congrats to the winners and finalists!

    UK has often had huge discussions afterwards when it comes to the results. Sometimes it's a matter of taste, sometimes it's a matter of us not seeing the minis properly... at other times you can only shake your head. I'm reserving judgement for the images.

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    Yup, complete kudos to Dave (Sproket), it's an awesome piece although I didn't get to see it in the flesh. Slayer sword is deserved!

    Sadly despite my major rework to the base, my dreadnought didn't get a spot, medal or anything :s I'll get photos up on the completed section over the next week or so. I am however fairly satisfied with how it came out

    Overall a reasonable Games Day.
    Changed format was better in some respects (no bloody gaming tables) and worse in others (very few food/drink options). The store aspect was a complete and utter disaster, in total, just over two ******* hours lost queuing for FW and then queuing again for the tills (I kid you not) - and the worse of it, over half that time was queuing to pay...

    Went to both the Black Library seminar and the Forgeworld Seminar - the first was actually a Q&A, which though interesting was a bit uninspiring as I was expecting something different. Forgeworld was fantasic, Tony Cotrell is a fantastic speaker and lots and lots of details of really nice pieces coming out soon. Sadly the end result was that I didn't get to look round any of the Demon entries and had to rush round many of the display cabinets when they were doing the actual awards :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Congratulations to SPROCKET.

    Also congratulations to Ten ball who has picked up 4 finalist awards and also AndyG who picked up at least one finalist as well.
    I guess their respective households will be a little hyper tonight.
    Countersunk81 also got a finalist pin

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    Just back from games day knackered ffffffff right here we go.

    Firstly I really enjoyed myself seeing 10 ball and sprocket and chewing the fat at the pub in the blazing sunshine (god it was hot like the middle is summer) with a couple of beers and fish and chips was tip top!
    Sprocket deserved the three demons and the slayer sword I didn't see better. 10 ball deserved the finalist medals and tbh I think he should have got a demon in the squad but hey ho there you go that's the way the cookie crumbles. They were oop metal minis not recent failcrap so he was lucky to get that! That was a joke by the way before I get shouted at again. And it was very nice getting a finalist medal in single fantasy first time there and all that .

    Right so lots of positives which pleasantly surprised me.

    Bad stuff and there was some! Bloody absolutely dreadful lighting you could have designed a worse set up to bleach out colour and talk about dim! Corporate sell sell sell upstairs so much so it was just like finger nails down a board but what the heck it's their show!
    The thing that got me the most was how few entries there were I thought this was billed as the biggest show but there was definitely more entry's at euro and some really weird decisions! Not going to start all that as there was some great work and they are all people's pride and joy but hmmmm there were some questionable decisions that involved new releases, nuff said!

    But for once the positives vastly out weigh the negatives with GW
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