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    Default Wave 2 did you get it?

    So has anyone gotten there wave 2 stuff? Also if you did, did you get a shipping conf# and how are the figs?

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    I've received mine. Inspected but not assembled yet. Quality is the same as the box minis. Some lines to clean up but detail is very good for the medium. I haven't noticed any warping or large flash areas to clean.

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    I got it yesterday, and have (somewhat) cleaned and assembled the minis.

    Overall, they're about the same (or a little better) than the wave 1 minis. They are a little thinner overall, but that was a design decision by McVey.
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    The following is a repeat of my post in the Studio McVey forums. Thanks.
    My wave 2 came yesterday. Location: U.S.A. South Carolina

    My impressions on the wave are pretty simple.

    Terrain set- I love it! The gun mounts where straight and the set looks very clean of any flash. I am looking forward to getting it painted up.

    The painting dvd- Very nice. It is always a help to watch someone else paint. I only wish they would have covered more of the heroes.

    The minis.

    What happened here? The sculpts themselves are great! The scale however...
    I think more than anything I am sad that it looks like what could have been some of the best SW minis made yet, are now going to be a laughing stock.
    I really was looking forward to getting these wave 2 minis and the sadness I feel when I look at them is quite real.
    When you compare them to other minis they come up around 22-23mm scale. No where near the 30mm scale of SW.
    Just take any of the new female figs and put them up next to a Kara Black. Not good.
    Take any of the new male figs and put them next to a FEMALE vanguard. Then try not to scream,laugh,cry...

    Now we come to what can be done about it.
    1. I use the new minis in other games. Well, that is not why I paid cash for them.
    2. I use them as is in SW. No way. The scale issue is so drastic that I can not do that. " Hey Barker, Is that your little brother in that aphid frame?"
    3. Somehow Studio McVey and CMON fix this. They have 4,000 plus consumers who received defective product. I know this is probably never going to happen,but if the minis where to be redone in the proper scale and sent back out to everyone, the problem could be solved. As I see it, the only way that any consumer trust is going to be regained is to correct the problem of the scale of these minis.
    I do not look to place blame. The fact of it is that if a consumer gets sent defective goods the company or companies involved should do their best to fix the problem in a timely manner.
    Communication is key at this stage.
    We the consumers must let it be known that the situation as it stands is morally wrong. Money has been taken for goods delivered "broken".
    The companies involved should let it be known that they are listening and looking at a solution.

    I really like the SW universe and still have a great deal of respect for the work that went into creating it.
    However, if the current wave 2 defective product is not fixed, I feel that it may just kill the SW property.
    CMON needs to eat the cost on this one and fix it!

    Let me end by saying that this is a pretty important situation that could set an acceptable standard for Kickstarters.
    If companies know that a mistake of this magnitude can be made and not fixed because we as consumers feel it is "good enough"; then I fear for the future our hobby. Kickstarter is a real part of the gaming world now and is really helping it to grow. Why should we expect little to no costumer service just because the game funded on KS?

    Therefore I am going to join what is becoming a rather large group of gamers who are no longer purchasing anything that CMON is involved with until CMON starts getting things sorted out.

    Well, that is my 2 cents posted up to get lost in all the other comments, never to be seen by anyone who can do anything about it.
    ( That is how this sad, disappointed gamer feels anyway.)

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    Cam CMoN confirm whether all US / EU / RoW have shipped?

    Supposedly US finished Wednesday, and EU Friday?

    Status, please?

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    i wasn't happy. not angry, but not inspired to pick up the box again. take a look at the captain compared to the female trooper in the above pic. yeah. now think about how we paid $5 for each member of the tiny plastic crew. other than that, well, the whole project was a bit of a train wreck. the idea was great, but literally everything that could go wrong did: boards, tokens, cards, time, quality, scale, communication, rules (pay extra for the revised version because the original rules were bunk? LOL). as far as i can tell the only thing that wasn't half assed was the terrain pack, which i didn't get. i wanted to love it, i really did....
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    Got mine on friday.
    The terrain pack is very good.
    The new minis as explained before by Mattimao are not as good as expected.

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    I wish I could get my password to their forum. It's just not sending me the email. I go mine almost a month ago and have most of it put together. I'm magnetizing the gnosis suit now.
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    No tracking email or package for me yet.

    I am beginning to worry.

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    Finally got my wave 2 package, sent to me from the US.

    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Warrior View Post
    No tracking email or package for me yet.

    I am beginning to worry.

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