Hi guys,

Another long time lurker, first time poster comes out of the wood-/pewter-/plastic-/insertobligatoryminiaturespunhere-work.

After receiving a shed-load of miniatures recently (thanks, Reaper!), I want to get back into painting.
I've had to throw away a lot of my GW paint for drying out (I know their reputation) and have been left with a lot of 'gaps' in my paint range that I'd like to fill in with Vallejo Model Color.
Unfortunately, there are no shops near me that stock VMC, so I am force to purchase over the internet, and I've found the online swatches completely inaccurate.

I'm after help finding about 3 or 4 VMC paint colours of complimentary (dark-, mid-, and light-tone) shades that can be used for pretty much any purpose (I'm a casual painter), namely:

RED (perhaps Hull Red, Rojo[926], Vermillion/Scarlet)
ORANGE (perhaps one of these could double as the highlight for red)
YELLOW (I have Flat Yellow)
OLIVE GREEN (perhap Olive Green as the mid-tone?)
BLUE (perhaps Andrea Blue as a mid- or light-tone?)
PURPLE (no idea)
TURQUOISE (I have Turquoise)
FLESH (I have Salmon Rose and Basic Skin Tone, but could do with other slightly more yellow tones too)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
(they don't have to be based on the mid-tone, eg. a brown, rather than an orange could shade a yellow).