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    I have backed fairly heavily in this as my first kick starter. I backed it because a skirmish war game in my opinion is all about the minis and rules. But mainly the mini’s and I love most of the WOK sculpts shown,
    A few recent posts on the kick starter page, however, about poor quality plastics, mini shrinkage and terrible mould lines in sedition wars and mantic have worried me a bit though if I’m honest.
    I love the aesthetics of these WOK minis and want nicely defined figures but I too have bought mantic stuff and the soft plastic stuff has been terrible in definition and I shudder at the thought of getting 275 minis from this that resemble those.
    Can anyone sound some supportive words about quality. Sorry for being worried – just spent lots on this and don’t want to end up with rubbish.

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    I'm not sure what type of plastic they are using, so I can't say what the quality will be but here are a couple thoughts...

    WOK produced some very nice resin minis before the KS. Obviously the plastic ones won't be the same quality, but since they've already put a lot of time into their minis I would think their plastic ones would still be good. Also, the impression I got from Sedition Wars and Mantic is they are board games first and mini games second. I don't think the figures were their primary concern, so that might explain the quality issues. WOK, on the other hand, is a mini skirmish game. If they don't find a way to make good plastic figures in my opinion they won't survive after the kickstarter. While CMON ran these kickstarters, as I understand it, the company that came up with the game is the one that produces the minis. If you go on WOK website is says "Wrath of Kings is a property of 5 houses Pte Ltd Published by Coolminiornot INC" so I would think 5 houses is in charge of production, not CMON. And other companies did the SW and mantic figures, not CMON.

    Keep in mind, this just the impression I got. I'm not an expert on the workings of CMON and WOK's relationship so I may be mistaken. But I wouldn't panic just yet.

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    Just got to step in here - Sedition Wars is looked at as a minis game played on a board. The minis ARE a concern, and one that's caused no end of sleepless nights for the fine folks at SMV I'm sure.
    As for Mantic - I can't speak to their KS products, but I have some of their plastic elves on hand, and they are very nice.

    Production - I suppose it depends on the nature of the contract, but in Sedition Wars' case once Studio McVey approved the master mold, it was all on CMON to handle production and distribution. That's their role. These small companies turn to a distributor like CMON to help get their product to a wider market.
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    Thanks Bailey. I agree with what you have said about WoK being primarily a mini game and that the game will live or die by the quality of the models. I did not know that resin sculpts had been available before the kickstarter - sounds promising. I just want this to be a really good product that sells really well and becomes a long term prospect.

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    Follow this link and you'll see what they look like. As it says, these are what the minis will look like.

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    To be fair... those pics aren't very high resolution. You can't see the lack of definition because of, well, the lack of definition. That said, the material is supposedly the same kind of restic (resin plastic) that Privateer Press uses on their "plastic" minis and while not nearly as good as polystyrene, it's serviceable. I have a bajillion of them. It's not super crisp and it does tend to not want to let go of mold lines, but once cleaned up it still looks great. Once painted, it looks even better. I'd way rather have styrene for everything (rather than just the weapon sprues), but eh, we're getting an amazing deal. I'm still looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on these minis and I think the plastic choice, while unfortunate, is a bit overblown.

    Oh, yeah... and Sedition Wars? That's a Mike McVey thing. It's very much about the miniatures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaffeineBoy View Post
    supposedly the same kind of restic (resin plastic) that Privateer Press uses on their "plastic" minis
    That actually makes me pretty happy. they are a lil annoying with mold lines, but they look solid.

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    I've got a video review of the plastics going up on my blog this week. I'll post a link as soon as it's live.
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    @CMON Derek - that would be great. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamsen View Post
    @CMON Derek - that would be great. Thanks.
    Here you go!
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    The Mantic plastics are fine, no problems. The Restic stuff on the other hand is a right pain to clean up. The minis themselves are great, but it is much harder to clean off mold lines, and I've found I have to use a different process than that I use for plastic or metal minis. Basically, it just takes more time. No complaints on the quality of the minis though.

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    The quality of the prototypes looks good. I hope the pledge manager comes out soon - finding it hard not to chuck the money I've saved to up my WoK pledge on some other kick starter as there are some really good minis up for grabs in other lines ATM. Had to stop myself twice now from just whacking it all on bones II
    With mantic I have some hard plastic minis which are very good - zombie regiment I think and then there are some softer plastic mini's that came with a futuristic zombie kit - the softer minis were not as crisp, not terrible but noticeably inferior.The WoK line looks good though if the production quality is the same or better than the prototypes - cant wait!!!


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    thank you.

    Looks like I'll have quite a bit of puzzlework ahead of me

    1 small thing: the darker softer plastic looks like it has fewer details, could be the color + shininess though. Luckily it seems to affect mostly the weapons, so I can live with that.

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    That's the difference between "plastic" and polystyrene. The darker polystyrene used for the weapons is softer, and as such cannot hold as much detail as a harder plastic. It's why a lot of miniature companies for years made hybrid metal and plastic models. WoK is skipping metal (thank God, I wouldn't have bought them if they were metal) and using a harder plastic instead. From the video, it looks a LOT better than the cheap PP "plastics" that are almost a polyvinyl. Can't wait!

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