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    Here is my latest work. I titlet it Goliath mutant after the Necromunda gang. This guy might have messed with corruptive powers, but at least he got more bodyweight. I already have one of those painted, but I wanted to get another one and make it a scifi version with some mild conversions. It has chainaxe and iroquois haircut stolen from avatars of war slayer. Those hairpieces are perfect with those rather large GW zombie heads. I would have wanted to use the head from corpsecart, but it is much smaller and doesn't go well with the hairpiece. But if I make third one, I'm going to use that head.

    Hope you find this suitably disgusting


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    Kewl, kinda reminds me of Cyril's plague marines. I think it's interesting to see his dessicated diseased head in contrast with that bloat, instead of an all around pudgy look!

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    Cool, I like that

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    Thanks for comments. I noticed that I was talking about chainaxe, which that weapon isn't. It is because at first I planned using ork nob chainaxe, but all of them were a bit too big for this one. Even though this is also a bit cartoonish, it would have looked too silly imo.

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