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    Default Alien Commander 2.0 (multipart kit, 56mm)

    At last I have this kit available, that is an upgrade of a model I created some time ago. I finished some new components like 3 new bare heads, 3 new diferents heads with helmet and 3 new sets of arms. Most of them are interchangeable as you can see in the pictures. I hope you like it.

    If you are interested in obtaining a cast of this kit, please let me know by sending an email at and ask for more details with no compromise.

    This "Alien Commander" kit is designed as a multipart kit, casted in white metal and resin. Each kit includes some common parts, such as torso, backpack, shoulder pad, sword, ponytail, antenna and 40mm round base. You can choose 1 head from the 7 options available. And 4 parts from arms sets, that you can choose freely from between any of the 4 basic arms sets.

    It is possible to assemble a good number of combinations just by using different heads and arms sets alone. You can use the ones shown in the following pictures as a guide to design yours (check the list of components at the bottom of the image).

    High Quality

    Some of the components of this kit are available in metal ("M") or in resin version ("R") as you can see in the following picture.
    High Quality


    New components sculpted. They were made using Duro, Milliput, SSculpey Firm and Fimo Mixquick.
    If you want to contact me, feel free to do it at

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    you know, i really hate to do this

    but since that is a re-creation of a Tau Firewarrior by Games Workshop, you really aren't going to get far before their legal department jumps on you

    just saying

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    I second that, you could at least try to change it up a bit like the movie guys did with "Hunter Prey"...

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