Best brand of *smooth* white paint?
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Thread: Best brand of *smooth* white paint?

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    Default Best brand of *smooth* white paint?

    One that when painting doesn't get chalky or separated after you've really thinned it for blending glazes, etc? I want smooth gradients from black to grey to white.

    Per recent thinning threads, I know using a medium is better than water with whites in particular, but I imagine some brands have to react be better than others. I've tried the GW white and it's not great in that sense.

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    Hi PTS,
    I have found one trick recently. I have ordered few Liquitex heavy body tube... and I took one "white transparent for mixing" tube. It is quite magic... I mix it with normal colors and thin it a bit, it looks like a gelly, I remove the surplus from the brush on a paper towel then make my glazes. So far worked really well. But before founding that, you simply need to spend a bit more time glazing the color with less white and add few more steps... If you go from a dark color straight to a lighter color you will be chalky in most of the case... Then you can also try wet blending. Last trick you can use the Glaze medium from Vallejo which is really good, it removes water tension and it is quite good for glazes (with a name like this we were not hoping for less).

    All these tricks I have found over years are only helping a bit, because you can do perfect blend without being chalky with only paint + water, you just need to change the way applying the paint...

    Hope this is helping! Happy painting....

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    A straightforward "White" which is good for mixing……Vallejo Airbrush Colour White.

    Nice an smooth and with fine enough particulates to reduce the chance of chalky appearances to colours its mixed with.
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    I have some professional white ink used to cover up stuff, since it's semi liquid already, it'd be great for washes/ glazes... Unfortunately, I got the jar for $7. But for me that uses it for other things, it was worth it. There may be smaller, cheaper bottles out there- but you get what you pay for with paints.

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    I second Boubi's suggestion of Vallejo Glaze Medium. I picked some up a while back so I could stop using water to thin paints, and it's magic.
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    Some great suggestions, will try the mediums suggested and the airbrush white.

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