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    Lightbulb Expiriment: 3D Pictures of Minis

    Saw all about Stereograms whilst I was surfing the web and decided to try it out with some of my minis:

    If they are too big, my DeviantArt page has them both on their auto-scale down thingamabobber.

    Well, in case you haven't done these all you need to do is cross your eyes slightly or relax your eyes and allow them to focus on a point far beyond the middle. I was always good at seeing these as a kid, so I know for a fact they work. All people are different so if you were never able to see those "Magic Eye" pictures, then you won't be able to see these.

    I thought this might be a good way for people to show depth in some of their pics versus multiple angles. The secret to doing these is simple: take a picture of a mini, then put the camera slightly to the left and take another. When you're making a composite of both pictures, make sure they are both aligned. You can do this easily by turning on and off the layers. If the image seems to rotate slightly while staying in place, you're good. After that, just place the "Left-Handed" picture to the left and you'll have it!
    Of course, then you need to check if it works and it goes without saying if you can't see stereograms, then you won't know it.

    So- I just want your guys feedback: Cool but kitchey? Useful or fad?

    Please lemme know what ya think!

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    I like it, and will for sure try to shoot one.

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    As pointless for me as 3D Cinema, never got the "Magic Eye" picture craze either...
    I'll wait until High Definition Constant Stream holographic projection is available.
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    Yeah Shawn tried these a few months back. He gave me a headache and nothing else

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    Here ya go:

    (Glasses not included)

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    Good fun cheers dude!
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    You know what trips me out? It's how much more detailed those stereoscopic images appear in "3D".

    Also, MOAR PLZ!

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