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    Hey girls&guys,
    I'm currently painting up an Anima Tactics model to use as Inquisitor Valeria in my Grey Knights army, and I decided to try and paint some parts in NMM gold. I think it looks nice, just not really metallic, which is probably normal in the beginning :P
    I got some pictures with my mobile cam, if you could give me some hints as to what's missing that would be awesome, I'll also try to get some better pics later on.

    P.S. I bought new brushes recommended in this forum some days ago, best purchase ever! Finally the paint goes where it's supposed to go, I should have done that a long time ago

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    Actually - that's very, very well done. Especially for a first attempt. I'd actually have a hard time telling you what's missing, since you've covered all the bases that usually get brought up (careful placement of highlights, contrast, smooth blends).
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    only thing I'd suggest is add a darker gradient to some areas, asides from that your doing well

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    Damn fine work there. I think you've got it - now you just keep at it and refine your technique as you go!
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    The problem you are perceiving here is that the gold areas you are working on are too small to learn on.
    go bigger and go simpler.


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    I am just trying my first NMM gold as well and you really gave me hope that it can look good in the first attempt already. You can always work on smoother blends I like the hard highlights.

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback, that's nice to hear! Here's another picture of the almost finished miniature (just need to touch up a few details), I'm quite happy with how it came out.

    @Tommie Soule Yeah that might be the problem, I thought starting on a small area would be easier, but I guess it's also harder to see if something isn't quite right then.

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    I'm going to disagree with Tommie, politely of course, in that as your starting out and a smaller area is actually easier to manage the concept than a large area like a breastplate.

    One thing that it catching my eye here is that the highlight and "flare" points aren't consistant with the light source. All the white points should occur on the same arc place, where that is not obscured by body parts and therefore in shadow. For example, on the Fluer de Lis you have the flare on both end points of the lower petals, when it should be on one and on the upper curve of the the one further away from the light. (Hope that makes sense as Its not easy to describe at this time of the morning.)
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    Aye, i suppose, what would i know?? :/
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