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Thread: A Request for Help/Advice/Point me in the right direction :)

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    Default A Request for Help/Advice/Point me in the right direction :)

    I've got a copy of Ral Partha's The Conflict.
    Issue is that the wings are metal and make up about 50% of the weight.
    Is there someone here who does it on commission or perhaps a small company that I could sent the wings too and they could cast them in resin?

    I'm really not very experienced with making big models and therefore would be far more comfortable putting this beast together with resin wings.

    Cheers, Jim

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    Is the rest of the mini metal? Assuming it is, the best thing to do would be pin the model to a substantial base, then pin the wings to the model. If there's enough space at the join, use two pins. That, plus maybe an epoxy glue should do the trick.
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    Yeah the rest of the model is metal.
    The bodies weigh 335g and the wings weigh in at 630g.
    You can see my concerns. I've pinned smaller metal minis before but had to pin/support anything near this weight.

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    This is what we're dealing with:

    From what I've seen around the web, people have pinned the wings by putting a big rod through the back so both are in. Also, they tend to leave the wings off until almost done, because the black one's especially interferes. One guy drilled holes in his (They ARE fighting) to apparently cut down on weight. I'm a little iffy on copyright info, but paying someone else to copy the wings doesn't sound very kosher to me. You may ask yourself how big your budget is and buy the casting stuff yourself. There's a Smooth-on kit available for $67 that has the mold maker compound and resin. It's too bad these dragons are problematic. The sculpt looks very dynamic and has a lot of character. I guess they really wanted the texture of the wings otherwise leaving them blank would have made people even more frustrated that they would have had to fill them in with foil ala the "Chicken Dragon".

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    Hey, I wouldn't worry about recast but I do agree its not your average pin job. Though I'm not familiar with this model I have had similar experience. My recommendation is to pin them like anything else but using different pins and much deaper holes. Generally I Use paper clips and 1/8" or so pin holes. For this I would go and get some really fine brass rod, not much thicker then a paper lip. It will be much stronger! As to your pin holes if your able to drill them 3/4" or so you'll be laughing. Wings won't be going anywhere with 1.5-2" pins in them. As a further step I would use green stuff in the pin holes/joint and use an expoy. This will give the, some flex and make the, much stronger overall.


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    Cheers for the replies folks.
    Big pinning through the shoulders sounds fine and doable, it's the half way wing joint that the trickier one. Can't go deeper than half an inch because of the curve, and I dunno if 2 pins at that length will hold.
    As for green stuff, I've got to go in with plenty of that because fit so badly there's no way of doing it without GS.

    Going to be fun however it ends up

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    Pinning something that big is always scary. Personally I'd go with a combination superglue on the pins and epoxy on the join double effort. It sounds complex but the superglue gives instant hold allowing the epoxy to cure in place.

    That and some sort of support while it cures (for some reason Lego came to mind?).
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    As with all of life's problems, this can be solved by proper application of enough silly putty and duct tape!!

    Seriously though, I agree with the others. Some super glue and some rigorus pinning are in order here. Given the weight, and if the wings will allow,.. I'd recommend a few snipets from a wire coat hanger. Otherwise, some heavy guage paper clips.

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