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    Hi everybody, I'am a new on this forum and that's my work for Zombicide, hope you like it :

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    Wow ! Very nice and very cleanly painted !
    Have u done any other "heros" ?

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    Hi !
    Thanks for your answer
    I made Wanda:

    But infortunatly, I have not the time to make the others because I have a lot of commande to do (Army...)

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    This game is very cool!

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    They really do look great. I haven't tried to paint mine yet, so if you would, couple of questions:

    What did you use to clean them with prior to priming?
    What did you prime them with?
    Do you have any issues with paint peeling/flaking/chipping due to the plastic being less rigid than the normal polystyrene?

    Time Wixzard

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    Know the question was not asked of me (thought you wouldn't mind hearing how different people did theirs) - but I primed mine with brush on railroad Floquil grey primer - this is thin enough and gives a great base for smaller figures. For larger figures, I use Tamiya Fine Spray Primer. I did try to clean up a few seam lines prior to priming but you will see more after the priming and you can clean again. I chose to leave the base the color (survivors) of the plastic to match the color of the cards in use - found this to be most useful in the game.

    As far as the plastic goes - after the primer is added to the color plastic you will see great details and I had no problem using Vallejos, Reapers, Andrea, Scale 75, or GW metals on the figures.

    If someone can tell me how to post a picture of some of my figures here, I'll be happy to or you can send me a private message with an email address and I'll send you some picts.

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    Yanioch le Chti

    Meant to tell you I like your zombies and thank for posting. I esp. like the smiley face! LOL

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    Hi,i'll try to reply with my english...

    Even the plastic is less rigide than the normal,I use a scalpel or a modeling knife and after fine sandpaper.
    When it's look good, I use Tamiya Putty to texturing the base.
    Spray paint white Games Workshop.
    And the realy work begin withe the pincil...

    Thanks Wigdog
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    It looks amazing. I love the basework you did on the runners to make them easly distinguishable, while essentially having the same base as the other zombies.

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    If you want blood, you got it !

    And this one, not for zombicide but for Eden, but it's a master of zombis so...

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    Stunning work

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    Those are some disgusting looking zombies. Haha. Nice work.

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    These are horribly lovely! I like the variety of your skin tones - good work!

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