Work in Progress: My Von Drakk Storage Solution
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    After a trip to Michael's Crafts I found a strange brief case made of cardboard that seemed like a really convenient size to carry. Luckily it was on sale for half price. $8 seems like a great price to me!!! One of my passions is packaging...I actually went to college to learn to make packaging for toys. You can imagine that I value my board much that I have actually made card board sleeves for my game boxes to protect them on journeys to future adventures! Cardboard is my choice material to work with because it is mostly free and very forgiving. Here are the pics:

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    The first step if you are interested in something like this is to figure out where you want your dividers. Next measure your interior. Cut the bottom piece of cardboard, then measure your sides. You will need to measure carefully to know which piece is going on the inside and the outside once you begin to tape it together.

    Then all I did was drop the new "tray" into the briefcase and measure strips of cardboard to be the right height and length for the space. Then put a peice of masking tape (it works really well with cardboard and is a cheap tape) half way on the piece you are taping and half to the new piece. Leave extra and cut the tape in the middle. Fold the extra down to lock it in place. Congratulations you are a boss.

    This is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon in my world. Once I paint these pieces I will probably order a piece of foam from BattleFoam for the interior, but this makes organizing the game a lot easier when setting it up with friends.

    NEXT STEP is getting some SDE art and collaging it to the front and making the box look aged.
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    Nice stuff. The pluck foam trays from battle foam would be perfect since it can be popped out in custom sizes and shapes as needed. What nice AND LIGHTWEIGHT solution to your transportation needs!
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