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    Why have I never heard of these before? I totally must get some!
    (google image search for munnies to see what I mean)

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    Made by KidRobot Toys Munnies are basically blank vinyl toys you can do anything you want with:

    This is the humanoid one. There's also a cow-ish looking one, and other that can only be described as a cartoon-like humanized fox, hippo, baby and teddy bear.
    I was definitely up for getting one, but the minis are $10 US and the bigger ones are twice that. Don't be confused by the special marvel hero boxes, the inside is still do it yourself, just colored... EX: The Venom Munny is all black. Paint on the evil face and logo yourself.
    Checkout DeviantArt for a wide variety of them already done. A plus is that I've heard the vinyl holds up to being baked with Sculpey.

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    Never understood them tbh

    On a side note, welcome back old chap!! Chrispy and vincegamer, who's next?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    Chrispy and vincegamer, who's next?!
    Combibo vestri peniculus quod fio a melior pictor.
    My gallery - go have a look!

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    Argh run for the hills!

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