I am still waiting for my wave 2 shipment
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Thread: I am still waiting for my wave 2 shipment

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    Default I am still waiting for my wave 2 shipment

    and i must admit that the retards who are supposed to handle shipping to europ appears to be either not at home or has vacated the building entirely.

    No communication, no updates, no tracking number and no wave2.

    CMON and I have Kickstarted for the last time.

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    Same here, also waiting.

    The total lack of any communication, update and tracking is totally unacceptable.

    I am happy I did not back any of their other Kickstarters and won’t back any new ones.

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    Same here. I submitted a report, and got told to call local customs and check. I did - but the tracking says that my Wave 2 package is still in Miami, it never even reached local customs.

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    Finally got my wave 2 package, sent to me from the US.

    Unfortunately the Limited resin Kara mini was missing from the package.

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