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    My First forray into non metalic metals:

    Piece is unfinished as I have not yet summoned the will to complete the base.

    Also I have yet to find a successful way of photographing against a black background - any threads / tips on this subject?

    (the tiny hairs you can see on the figure are from a black cloth background I used just before taking this photo)

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    Solid first shot. I use a very soft Revlon makeup brush to dust off my minis before taking photos. Here's a couple of posts from massive voodoo on better photos:


    Now clean off that melta barrel and drill it out, sir!
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    That's some nice NMM, and well better than I could pull off. My only advice would be (the usual) more contrast. In this case, take the shadows darker. The lights are good, but the shadows seem a bit wishy washy.

    btw - good to see you back on the forums, Montka - I hadn't seen you here for a while and was wondering how you were doing
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    I think it's quite nice.

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    I agree wiff Mr. In Japan, the shadows could use some contrast. Also, if you make the highlights more "Liquid" it will really make it shine! Just stay away from lines and use elongated drops instead. All around, it looks really great for a first try on NMM. If this was in a horde of minis on the tabletop, I'd have no hard time telling it was Commander Dante in his signature gold armor.. and power armor sandals. Keep up the good work!

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    Could you explain a little further what you mean by 'liquid'?

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    See how the highlight areas tend to somewhat "pool" by being rounder, and the lighter areas tend to be really light and have only a slight edge of blending to them? That's kinda what I mean, like liquid mercury:

    Sometimes even I don't know how to explain the images in my head, but I hope I got some semblance of it this time!

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