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    Default Greetings. First Post.

    Figured I'd take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Dave and I use the handle The Willoughbian, because I'm from Willoughby, Ohio. Fans of Twilight Zone may have heard of it, as Mr Serling did an episode about it. Anyhow.... Very cool site you have here. I'm amazed by the incredible talent I have witnessed thus far. Up to this point my thing has been 1/18th action figures and diorama. I've been into the hobby for about a year and a half. As to what brings me here.... Well it started with a tutorial about using some of the techniques that are used on miniatures on action figures. I was very impressed that such detail was attained on so small a scale, so I had to learn more about it. That being said, the best way to learn is to give it a try.

    Here's a so so pic of the miniature I will try my hand at.

    It's a 1987 Grenadier Assassin (28mm). I think the artists name is John Dennett as it is signed JD. I bought it when I was in high school and never painted it. I'll start a WIP thread, so I can pick peoples brains as I go.

    Here is a sampling of some my action figures. This is some Star Wars stuff. I hope the pics aren't to huge.

    If you want to see some other Sci-Fi stuff, here is a link to a gallery I have over at Hisstank. (yeah I know, but they have good photo hosting)

    So, with a little effort I hope to add some new skills to my arsenal and this seems a good place to learn. Truth is the action figure scene is getting a bit flakey and I'm more into it as a creative outlet than I am as collector. Also, 1/18th scale dioramas are kind of big and I'm running out of room.

    Thanks for looking.
    Dave G.

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    Hi and welcommmmmmmmme!

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    Strong start. Nice to see another aspect of the hobby and welcome. Enjoy your journey
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    Hiyas! I really like it when people take the initiative and introduce themselves. Also, action figure conversions/ color jobs are interesting to me because despite watching my brother toruture his GI Joes I always felt I had to leave them alone. Of course now so many sculpts are coming out that have little mobility, it's easier to think of them as 1/8th scale statues. Welcome again and keep up the work, and don't feel afraid to ask about anything!

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    Hey, thanks for the welcome. So I've been playing around with paints on my mini assassin and it's a lot more challenging that I thought it would be. What is getting me is the fact that many of the techniques that I'm used to using on action figures don't work so well on so small a scale (dry brushing, wipes, etc). I'm seeing why there are so many specialized paints for the miniatures. My paint of choice for action figures is Model Masters Acryl, so it's what I have on hand at the moment. Nice thing is, that with the mini being metal, I can dip it in some lacquer thinner and clean my failed attempts off with relative ease. I'm on try number four. I'll take some pics once I get something I'm not completely embarrassed by.

    So, I was hoping to ask about some of the different styles of painting that I have seen. The one that I find very interesting is where the mini is painted to look almost like a 2 dimensional painting. It has a very impressionistic feel. The NMM technique is an example of this. I'm guessing the people that are really good at this have a strong background in traditional 2d painting and water colors. If anyone can point the way to some reading on the subject I'd be grateful as I'm curious about the different schools of thought and traditions. Another technique I've seen is oil pastels and coloured pencil. I'm wondering if this is common in the hobby. Well those should be enough questions for now. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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    Hi Dave, welcome to painting challenges 101.
    You are going to find there's a marked difference in approach between 1/8th scale an 28mm (1/56th) scale figures this generally works out as an exponential increase in contrast depiction...the smaller you go the higher the contrast needs to be staged.

    You have mentioned a 2d approach to painting on miniatures, yes some of us have dabbled in watercolours, but thats been intended for me to improved my freehand work, BUT the likes of Shawn.R.L is an Artist who worked on Album covers!

    NMM is and will always be a subject that divides people, in one respect it teaches about light placement control and paint transitions, but on the other hand 'locks' viewpoints. However its a good technique to use as applying the same painting principles to metals gives great results.

    Whatever your results, please don't feel that you need to be 100% perfect to show us what you've done as we're all still on a 'learning curve' in respect to this hobby. Hell for me that's 40 years off and on and I'm still finding I have LOTS to learn.
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