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Thread: My 3D Zombicide table board

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    Default My 3D Zombicide table board

    Hello guys,
    I'm Lien from France , and wanted to share my project , a 3D Zombicide ( season 1 ) table board
    I finished now 9 boards , there are 9 other boards to do... was thinking about this project for a year and finally started last june , having collected quite a lot of resin scenery ( Armorcast , pardulon models , .... )
    I took my time for this project , spent hours , but the goal is to make great boards with lots of details similar to the 2D boards ; the only limit is the space to leave to put several zombies in rooms... it will be difficult when survivors are surrounded by 10 or more zombies ...

    Here is my 1st board ( 7B )

    apartements boards ( 2B 2C 2D 2E )

    supermarkets boards ( 5C 5D 5E 5F )

    Pimp's cars !

    Police cars

    Little problem , i need place to store the boards , and it will be worse with more boards to come ...!! Wife will be pleased !!

    Next boards , restaurants boards...

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    So cool, absolutely love it! Awesome use of some of the Hasslefrre minis too!

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    Tres bien!
    Inspiring to say the least!

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    Awesome stuff. Would be loads of fun to play on this kind of board for sure.

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    This is pure win! You have done a fantastic job to say the least.
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    Take a peek you might learn something or teach me something :-)

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    Love your attention detail with playability absolutely awesome !
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    All I can say is: wow.... wow.... wow wow wow

    Awesome work!

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    I can only repeat my words from BGC: This is really, really amazing!

    After painting all the zombies I was even wondering if it's possible to build sufficiently good landscape. I didn't really like most I've seen online.
    But I LOVE your board! Especially your solutions to the door problem and to the repeated rooms.

    But I'm still struggling to find all the parts! I've found some at pardulon and antenocity.
    But where did you find the dust bins? And the big garbage containers?

    Also, to you and everybody else who has ideas, any ideas where to get good cars in the right size?

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    Some really cool images - love all the BLOOD!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Awesome, I bought season 2 and I am excited to paint the minis, when they are done, I will be doing a board for them to. Yours is absolutely fantastic!!!


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    Wow, glad this thred has been bumped. These are great and will make the game even more fun.

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    I must say I love to see these 3D Tableboard again and again.

    How is it during a game with over hundred zombies on the board, is it a problem in the buildings?

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    Just picked up my first Zombicide box (Season 2:Prison Outbreak) and immediately wanted to make some 3D terrain.

    These buildings and city streets you made are amazing and the blood is downright perfect everywhere!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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