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Thread: Cephalid Biomancer & Deepspawn Reaver - Deepwars

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    Default Cephalid Biomancer & Deepspawn Reaver - Deepwars

    something a little different: a frankenstein style human-robot-fish monster and its demented creator, a horrific mutated being that is more tentacle than humanoid.


    they don't seem too popular on CMON at the moment but i really like them and i figured i should show them to the forum regulars lest they be overlooked in the sea of 9+ scoring minis. the biomancer, in particular, is an excellent and alien sculpt. Bob Olley pieces are always fun because of their pronounced textures, and the biomancer is about as good as it gets in that department. my favorite thing about these guys, though, is the opportunity to use unusual colors and combinations that are rare for terrestrial creatures but are perfectly normal for sea life.

    i'll take this opportunity to plug the AMG kickstarter. you can pick these guys up and more like them and help fund more critters. it is worth noting that they have acquired the cavalcade "dragonblood" line and saved it from extinction (and returned it to it's rightful home), so many classic models from that range are now available too.

    anyhow, I'd like to know your thoughts on Calamari and Frankenfish. do they feel like sea creatures to you?
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    You did well to show them: the world must know there are such totally insane miniatures.

    Maybe i bit too detailed for my taste, but i like them and your paintjob, especially the base.

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    The whole Deepwars/Shadowsea game thing really doesn't "click" as a game to draw me in, BUT some of the miniatures...........brilliant.

    These two don't really do a great deal towards getting me to want to paint them, not in my appeal zone, but someone who likes "Gribblies" will go for them.
    As for paint job themselves pretty good, pretty good.
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    yeah, i can totally understand that sentiment. for a long time i didn't really like Bob Olley's style but I enjoy it now. the Dark Mariners in general seem to be too strange for most people to appreciate, which is probably exactly why i like them (that and i love sea life). the spectrum of living creatures on earth is tremendous, but in miniatures, not so much; it is nice to see some invertebrate appreciation. personally i enjoy painting them because i can really step outside the box and be creative. the line has a lot to offer, though, including some beautiful "clean" sculpts with broader appeal.

    were these minis strictly for advertizement/show i probably would've picked something a bit more mainstream (something with boobs) but i am not an employee, just a fan, and these are for my private collection. i was inspired to paint the biomancer (which i hadn't seen painted before) and i tend to paint minis in pairs so i went with a model he would be associated with in-game.

    I'm glad the paint jobs came out okay, these were borderline speed-paint. with 1yo and 2yo boys finding a quiet moment is challenging. combined with the realities of my ever expanding miniatures pile my priorities have shifted from "as good as i can do" to "as good as i can do in a week, under pressure."

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    They look great, but I am biased.

    Natural life is far more strange and alien than most people are use to. A Tyranid is nothing compared to an average insect under an electron microscope. Most folks just like space marines on this site anyhow, but in this case I think having two figures in the picture does them a disservice. What would be better is to take photos individually. Also, the background has too much texture I think. A basic piece of paper would help, or one with a gradient print, or one of those other printed backdrop papers. The plastic base looks light for some reason, is it a grey. Maybe a darker black would help with contrast and would bot draw the eye from the figure.

    These days, figures that get 9's seem to have display bases and not gaming bases also, or mini-dioramas, so anything on a regular base will not get a good score. At least that is how it looks to me.

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    Am liking all the deep wars grimy pj's

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    Nicely painted love the greens. It's great to see something a bit off the path instead of the space marines every post.

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    thanks for the feedback all. in the future i will split up minis and give each a photo with a better background. i paint minis in groups so i photograph them that way, too. I'm pleased that people are enjoying my grittier style and these more unusual miniatures. i have a lot of them on the workbench so i'll keep posting them as they come of the line.

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