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    Default Hello all 1st Post

    Just a word of greetings to all out there on the CMoN forums.
    I am a long time player and painter Originally from NYC, Now in NJ.
    I am hoping to gain more insight and knowledge to take my painting to another level.

    Right now im painting mostly 40K, but I have painted figures from other companys.
    Hopefully I will post some pix soon.

    Thanks for reading. Im looking forward to participating.


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    Welcome to CMON. Since you mentioned you're from the NYC area you might want to take a look at this http://www.longislandmodelsoldiers.c...S_Model_S.html

    This is a miniature painting group from Long Island that is holding their annual show in about a week and a half. It is definitely worth checking out if you aren't too far away. You'll see some really top notch work in person and that's hard to beat. Plus its a chance to meet the artists and ask questions in person. A couple friends and I are driving up from the DC area for it. A show like this will have a mix of entries, plenty of larger scale (54mm to 90mm) historical figures, vehicle models, and fantasy/sci-fi figures. They even have a special category devoted just to wargame figures. This show judges on the open system which is quite different from what you'd find at a Golden Demon or Crystal Brush competition. Instead of picking a single 1st, 2nd, 3rd, all entries are judged against a set standard. So every entry that merits a gold medal gets one. And so on for silver and bronze, followed by certificates of merit. Its a nice way to recognize everyone's work.

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    Welcome to the community.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    Welcome to the forum You've come to the right place if you're after advice and guidance on improving!

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