Sarissa Movement trays need trimming :( need help
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Thread: Sarissa Movement trays need trimming :( need help

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    Question Sarissa Movement trays need trimming :( need help

    Hello all!

    Its been a while since i posted anything here but im having a few issues. I bought a lot of Sarissa precision movement trays 20mm ( and i have built them all up and started to rank my men in there and well its like 1mm to tight.

    Forgot to mention these bases are made of medium wood not to hard or to soft. I cut the corners of some to let it release tension but same issue they warp back inwards. Anyone got any suggestions on how to deal with this, really annoying let alone having the overpriced witch elves rank in a straight line!



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    Not sure I am understanding the issue, a picture would help (your men ranked up in the tray). However looking at the picture linked of the trays, couldn't you just shave or sand .5 mm off where it binds with a hobby knife?

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    They are made from MDF, so I'm wondering what glue you used?
    MDF and water diluted glue has warped on me before.

    Anyhow contact Sarrisa themselves, always found them helpful myself.
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