Question re Contemptor Dreadnoughts for pre heresy
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Thread: Question re Contemptor Dreadnoughts for pre heresy

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    Default Question re Contemptor Dreadnoughts for pre heresy

    I was just wondering, the standard contemptor and contemptor realic dreadoughts from FW here and both have the eagle symbol underneath the cockpit.

    Is this the aquila mentioned in the pre heresy fluff? I'd like to get one or two of these for my pre heresy World Eaters (yes I know they have a dedicated one but I like these helms better) and wasn't certain if I'd be taking them with symbols they shouldn't have if I do as only Emperor's Children could carry the aquila pre heresy.

    Small point I know, but its nagging at me...

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    It is the Imperial Aquila so theoretically yet it shouldn't be there for a pre-heresy army. It's a real doddle to remove from the standard contemptor though - sharp carfting knife, a little bit of patience and some very fine sandpaper and you'll end up with a plain section of armour to decorate as you fancy - be it intricate freehand or splattered blood

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    The one on the Contemptor/Relic Contemptor is the standard Aquilla, the one only the Emperor's Children can bear is the Palatine Aquilla which is this one

    If you have access to the Betrayal book its all in there.

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    Ah cool, thanks fellas.

    So Imperial Aquila = ok. Palatine Aquila = EC only.

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    Basically yeah. Occasionally an Astartes outside of the EC would be granted the right to wear the Palatine but it was very rare and he had to do something really special.

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