Casting clear resin....bubble issues
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Thread: Casting clear resin....bubble issues

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    Default Casting clear resin....bubble issues

    This is kind of mini related, I need to get in touch with someone in Manitoba, that can help an acquaintance with a casting issue. She's Casting clear resin eyes for fursuit heads, but has no pressure chamber, so bubbles are becoming a problem
    I thought this would be the quickest way to reach mini people with contacts in the casting industry, as she is looking at possibly sending these out for casting, or if you can send me to an appropriate group that would also be really handy too
    thanks in advance peeps
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    If I recall correctly, Roninjr has and uses a degassing chamber when he casts things. He probably has several points of contact your friend could use. Drop him a PM.

    The other option would be the DIY route. Your friend could build her own vacuum de-gassing chamber:

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    pour slow.
    Don't mix the catalyst "hot" - stay towards the minimum.

    What type of mold? Silicone? Hard plastic?
    Try rapping the mold sides to move the bubbles out.

    Once it gels, don't mess with it til it cures.
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    Two things to try here- one, since you're lacking access to a degassing chamber, make your own simple one. I've had some success with a thick zip-loc freezer bag. Simply put the item inside, seal mostly and with a straw blow some air in so it balloons up. This is so it can get the maximum pressure- it does no good pressing on a deflated balloon. Then you can either press on it by hand or set a book and weights on top. This method does risk the bag popping so you're not able to get a lot of PSI's though.
    Method #2- they have a clear resin you brush on for making jewelry and such, you could do several thick coats of this rather than one big one. Time consuming, but you are shooting for perfection. Temperance used this latter method for his Gelatinous cube as he extols on the description.
    Hope this helps!

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    thanks everyone, will pass on the info, and send pm to
    Kev, it's a silicone mold, yeah I told her to vibrate it
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