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    Question Smelly Paint!

    I've recently found an old box of GW foundation paints that were in the attic. To my surprise they really had not dried out but have an awful smell! Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Some of my paints are about 20 years old and are a bit smelly!
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    I have some really old paints too. Ive'noticed the browns and reds get rancid.....
    especially old scorched brown

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    I read somewhere that smelly paints may be an indication of bacterial contamination.

    I'm a bit leary of the statement, though, as some of the old inks from GW (Gryphonne Sepia and Devlan Mud, in particular) were especially stinky, even when I used them fresh from a store buy.

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    Had some that were downright foul.
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