So... what did you finally go for?
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Thread: So... what did you finally go for?

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    Default So... what did you finally go for?

    Well the pledge manager is out and I wondered what people have finally crystallised down to for their final selections:

    I've got Hadross, Nasier and Shael Han starters, one big beastie for each of those factions, a character pack for each of those factions and the additional infantry type boxes. I've only one potential opponent so I wanted to have enough models to be able to have other players use mine.

    Nasier is the faction I was most umming and arring over ordering but my (sole) other opponent is covering the other two so between us we have a full set.

    What did you go for and why?

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    I've got one set of everything for every faction plus the Twilight Knight and Zombicide minis. Although my favorite is a toss up between Shael Han and Hadross there was something from every faction that I wanted so I just decided to get 'em all. A lot of the stuff is going to be used in D&D and Pathfinder or converted for individual characters from other games.

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    Between myself and my two friends we ordered pretty much 1 of everything, and multiples of the KS only stuff. One friend even got 4 C.A.G.E.s just cause of the monster deal lol. I think the final breakdown was 1 Hadross, Teknes, and Shael Han, then 2 Goritsia and Nasier faction starters.

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    Between friends and myself we have decided on 1 Teknes, 1 Hadross, 1 Shael, and 2 Goritsi starter kits, the leader/3rd infantry packs for Tek/Hadross/Shael/Gori, and monsters for Hadross/Gori/Tek.

    I'll be playing Teknes myself so I wanted to get every unit possible. Funny enough, with all the "OMG NASIER IS SO STRONG", nobody seemed interested in it at all.....

    This is our first serious delve into a miniatures game and we are all pretty pumped!

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    I was absolutely sold on House Nasier, right up until I logged in to the Pledge Manager.

    Then I looked across at the horde of wasteland-dwelling armoured samurai-types that I'm currently painting for other games systems, and ended up picking Goritsi for something completely different It's also the only faction not currently picked by someone else in the group, so variety is a good thing. I'm hoping that further playtesting will bring the Goritsi onto a more even footing with the other factions, as they have badly struggled in all the trial games I've watched or played so far.

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    I got all of the starter sets plus the big guys and the "group of threes" for all the factions. I am planning on giving four of them to my friends for Christmas!
    Hopefully, they will like their presents (even if it is just a printout of what they will get when it comes in).

    I really liked a LOT of the models, so I couldn't help myself.

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    All of the starters and all monsters, elite infantry and rank2 leaders for all factions except for teknes + tape measure, all base inserts and fancy bases for all the extras. I really really like the models.

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    5 of us split the pledge, so I can write only the part I went for: all Hadross (starter, 3rd type of infantry, characters, 2x Cavalry, bases for everyone (probably more than needed)), KD-Mini, and because I sent more to the person who organized it, than I wanted to (paypal sent it to him in eur, not in $) I decided to get a few extra character from other factions too, like the Bloodchild and such.

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    I took all the factions so I can demo the game with each particular faction based on the players interest at my FLGS.

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    I'm sticking with Nasier and Hadross. I was agonizing over which to main, but I'm just getting a smathering of both so that I can demo with it. As time goes on I'll likely pick some up from the other factions so that I can demo with those, too, just to change it up every once in a while.

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    I took one of each of the factions to start with, one of each of the monsters, Twilight Knight, bases for everything and the gold foil card deck.

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    Double Teknes, Double Goritsi, a monster and rank 2 specialists for both of those factions, the new infantry for both of those factions, Shael Han starter (since it's just impossible to part with all the minis in a faction starter for a measly $35 credit ), 1 each of the exclusives including resin characters. I think that covers it. I keep wanting to unlock and add an extra Cage and Blood Engine but I've already sunk so much into this. But hey there's still a couple weeks to go before it closes.

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    We have a big split in a semi large gaming group

    2 Goritsi
    2 Teknes
    1 Nasir
    1 Shael Han with one of each of the extras
    1 Hadross with one of each of the extras, plus base inserts

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    I went with Goritsi and Shael Han for myself. Starter, 3rd infantry not in Starter, extra specialists, and monsters (2 Goritsi, 4 Shael Han), and the resin specialists due out later on.

    For my group I picked up one of everything for Hadross, one of everything except monster (he says he'll wait until later for it) for Nasier, and Tekness Starter.

    3 of our core group of 6 didn't get back to me in time due to the holidays. Otherwise, I imagine I'd have doubled my order, lol. I saw this KS with just 2 hours left to go, joined it for the Zombicide exclusives only. Well, a few days before I had to finalize the pledge manager, I decided to watch some gameplay videos, shared the link to my group, and voila, my $20 order jumped to $500+, lol.

    No regrets though. As a guy whose been playing miniature games since 1978, this is a fresh new set of seriously great rules with very well-sculpted minis! I can't wait to get them! Very excited for my WoK party! Hopefully the inevitable delays will be minimal for this one!

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    Just finished some final touches (Thanks for letting me reopen it!)

    So I took the following
    Nasier (Starter, Fell Hammers, Characters, Great Horn)
    Hadross (Starter, Sharks!, Characters, Octo-beast)
    Shael Han

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    I took one of everything. But when I get all my toys, the first ones I'll work on are my Teknes, Hadross, and Nasier. Pigs, tentacles and samurai, oh my!

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    I went a little overboard and got pretty much two of everything myself (some I ended up getting 3 or 4 of them.....), I wanted the option to play small games with lots of options or rather big ones. Kicking myself for not getting an extra set of Brood Warriors though, those vat grown mini psychos look like a hoot to play with. Think CMON will be able to open the plege manager one last time so I can sneak an extra one in?

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    I went for the Ancient king pledge and traded in 3 of the factions to go for Shael han and Teknes
    Plus Fulung Devourer, Iron Lotus Warrior box and The warchild & Winterhawk for Shael Han
    C.A.G.E, brood Warrior box and The Ironward & Sevisk for Teknes
    and I can't remember if I got the gold cards or not??.

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    One of each the starter boxes and one of everything else except for Teknes extras. I couldn't fully get into the idea of gnomes, pigmen and flying babies all in one faction. I got the starter box for Teknes because of the cool looking linemen and the mutant bionic cow.

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    So jealous I missed this Kickstarter. I'll be jumping on Nasier asap, though.

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