miniature painting competitions UK 2014?
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Thread: miniature painting competitions UK 2014?

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    Default miniature painting competitions UK 2014?

    Hi all,

    So was wondering what other painting comps are around UK shores this coming year other than GD. Need to go more for inspiration!


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    Salute - April - London
    Euro Militaire - September - London
    GD - September - Birmingham

    the main three in the UK, I suppose there are smaller club comps all over + online comps.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Euro-militaire, Folkstone Kent.....not London

    Yep those are the 'BIG THREE', but other model shows around the country you could arrange meetings with other painters for "Show and tell" sessions.
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    Salute and Euro are the only ones I must go to. As mentioned, there are local shows. Where are you based?

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    OO I like the show and tell idea - im based in SE London! Anyone around?

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