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    Hi guys, i recently bought the zombicide game and after 2 game sections i thought "oh, theres some room to improvement here!" so i like to share with you guys my thoughts and please give me your opinions!

    - First of all, i am thinking in add a Gamemaster (or a dungeon master or zombie master or whatever you like to call) why? because doing this you solve a good range of problematic rules, such as players control their enemys, i know that the game was make that way to maybe solo it, but i think in add someone to control all the game just add good things, example the split rule that add another zombie from nowhere, another thing that a gamemaster add is the not knowing what to expect, if the players control all the game, they will know that if you cross that street and turn right, will have a zombie, but if a game master control it they never know what to expect and will need to be cautions and even more, i am thinking in hide the objetives too!

    - Second rule that i am thinking is to add a little fun in the die thing, lets think in zombie movies, if a actor is bitten by a zombie they turn in zombies too, so i am thinking in add something, if a player die, after 3 turns that player returns as a zombie and controling the same caracter but in zombie mode, i don´t know if in another version of the game have this rule because i only have the season 1, but i think it is a good one!

    - Third one, i think in add this rules too: you guys think? please give me your opinions, every comment bad or good it will be awesome!!

    ps. Sorry about the bad english!

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    That turning into a zombie thing, think one of the expansions bring that in. Hence all the zombivor models of the heroes.

    Other than that, nah don't reckon Zombicide is ripe for a GM. Aside from the game mechanics not really requiring it, GM changes the dynamic of a game. There's a person inhabiting a space previously empty, one players can feel opposed to or up against, rather than the random nature of the cards and dice.
    With a decent occupier of a GM seat I'd rather play an RPG than a board game.

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