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    Purchased Sedition Wars yesterday, and the box has a sticker on it for assembly instructions. "" going to that URL brings up a 404 error.

    Now before I get slammed with "What you can't figure out how to assembly Mini's....", my significant other was going to help me and she is of the type that pretty much won't do anything without "the manual". (and yes, she loves to "RTFM").

    Also thought I would point it out because, quite frankly, if someone purchased this product and decided to follow that URL, it makes CMON look like they don't know what they are doing.

    I've been searching the forums and do not see this pointed out and even the Wonder That Is GOOGLE isn't helping.

    Do these instructions exist? And if so, URL?


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    Thank you (and the SO thanks you).

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    The link provided by TrystanGST is the forums where Mr. McVey discusses the Mini's that are provided. The actual instructions are on Mr. McVey's blog.

    If time permits I will actually list out the Mini's here and the link to the Blog Post for that Mini. Again, this as time permits.......

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