Ever brush I using lately comes apart
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Thread: Ever brush I using lately comes apart

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    Default Ever brush I using lately comes apart

    Coupe of days ago I got a size 2 brush from arts and crafts store. Last night I notice it keeps splitting and hooking.
    Today I buy a standard GW brush from hobby store. Go home almost right away and start using it and it splits.
    In disgust I switch to a third brush, this time a fine detail, guess what happens?

    I swear on the grave I crawled out from I wash my brushes, and leave the standing in a jar. And I swear I'm thinning
    my paints. And that problem really became noticeable last night and this morning.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Probably just the quality of the brushes. Try a different Sable brand - good ones are Windsor & Newton Series 7s, Raphael 8404s, or Rosemary & Co. Series 22s.
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    I agree with gohkm, try real quality brushes. Show them care and they will pay for themselves.

    I have had very good luck with these Scharff brushes:


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    You answered your own question with Arts and Crafts store and GW brushes.
    ALWAYS buy the best brushes you can, not just what you can afford or are cheapest. Save the pennies in a jar if needed as it's THE Primary investment in painting.

    Look after them as I'm just about to retire a Winsor & Newton that is easily 8 years old.
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    some of us on here use Windsor and newton series 7 sizes 0 ,2,3 for detail work and Raphael kaerell synthetic round for two brush blending these with some brush cleaner soap will as DR said keep your investment usable for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianFowler713 View Post
    ... I wash my brushes, and leave them standing in a jar....

    What am I doing wrong?
    There's the first thing. Standing in a jar lets the moisture and paint collect in the ferrule (that metal thing that hold the hair on the wooden handle.) As the paint "dries" (cures) it expands ever so slightly, but it pushes the hairs apart.
    Wash your brushes, pull them across a paper towel to repoint an dry. Let dry laying on their side (Held up with a clip and pointed down is best). Then, put them in a cup (points up).
    Never leave the brushes standing on their points in the wash water.
    Swish them around the wash water, then angle to the bristles on the side. Rotate the handle to work the bristles. Swish again. Remove from the wash water and pull across a paper towel.
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    If it does that right from the start, it's probably just a bad brush, even with good brands they're not always good, if you hit 3 bad ones in a row, that's maybe just bad luck.
    Even with bad habits, they shouldn't splay overnight. Take some time to test them thoroughly in the store before putting your money on it. A 7-8$ brush should still last some time if you pick it right.
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    Stand your brushes on the plastic tube that goes around the tip, tip down, every night. That's what those plastic tubes are for.
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    If you are getting paint all the way up to the metal ferrule, that could be the problem. Once the GW brushes get paint up there, they will not recover. If you didn't, you can try "The Masters Brush Cleaner" (great stuff and cheap). After washing and rinsing, get a good amount on the bristles, twist the hairs to a sharp point, carefully put it in the plastic tube and store it bristles down over night. Rinse it the next day and you should be good to go.

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    There is also this kickstarter that is on atm for some decent brushes


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