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    I am struggling to get inspired on a design that doesn't involve the classic cheques.... Or is there a "foolproof" way to do the classic pattern?


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    Okay.. prepare yourself: When I was doing some of my Eldar harlequins, I did a bit of research into classical Italian Commedia Dell'arte. "Harlequin" is the stock character who is master of the other servants- about as middle class as you can get. He's usually portrayed as having a sly type of look with a cat-like mask. The current diamond pattern actually evolved from his costume of patchwork. Other characters did not have such elaborate patterns, but had certain colors or attributes associated with them.

    Here we have an older harlequin with a kind of "box-triangle" motif that you may want to consider. If you don't feel up to traditional diamonds, just use squares on their sides. Diamond pattern isn't that hard: just put down a triangle, then copy that on the under side, and from there you can eyeball the lines that come off of it. Varying the colors gives you a very nice effect, like in my shadowseer:

    You want to have a color triad: that being red, yellow, blue or purple, green, orange. Don't worry if the latter combo sounds too Mardi-gras looking- that's what you're shooting for!
    Hope this helps!

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    Many thanks! Love the triangle design.....out come the fine brushes!

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