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    Default The coming storm!

    I figured I'd start a thread for any and all evidence having to do with future expansions.
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    So far we know the next two factions are planned to be the Ruska Union and the Ottoman Dynasty.

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    Still waiting for pictures of the armored polar bear cavalry.....
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    Bears on unicycles!! THEY ARE ALL BEARS ON UNICYCLES!!

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    You are both close...they are armored polar bear cavalry ON unicycles (how else do bears get around, really, I thought everyone knew this by now...).
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    Bears with tank guns on their backs..... or bear calvary.

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    I think if nothing else, Ted should realize that we want Bears utilized in some way by the Ruska Union.

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    Bear naked infantry,

    .......eeerrrr no!!!.

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    You guys really think bears would be cool, huh? I already have a design for the Ruska cavalry that I like a lot. Guys on armored horses. But it seems like you guys really think this would be cool.

    A quick google search brought up some interesting images. It'd be a pretty cool mini. And I've never sculpted a bear so this'd be interesting to do. And having a large organic unit would also be interesting. I think I'll probably do it...or at least make a sketch and see how that looks. That means I'll probably do it

    update: well it seems it is possible and has been done and may have been done at points in history, although that's questionable. But it seems that a bear raised in captivity can be ridden.
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    The bear idea would be amazing and would serve to add just one more layer to differentiate between the forces!

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    Possibly, but if Ted had plans to make one of the factions have an organic theme, then maybe horses would be best, although, maybe if they just had polar bears, this would work out for the other faction still.

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    I think the bear should be saved for a character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuar56 View Post
    I think the bear should be saved for a character.
    If you are referring to a Hero, then I agree.

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    I think a bear/bear cavalry would make an excellent hero or elite cavalry unit.

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    Even though it's Norwegian folklore, I remember there was this tale of a prince turned into a bear that a princess had to work for (sorta like a Scandinavian Beauty & The Beat, if you will). And even though the pic is whimsical and more pretty, it may be something to explore- I for one think it'd be amazing to see a more organic and ethereal type of piece in a game with all these hard industrial lines:

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    I think a hero brandishing a sword on a rearing, roaring bear would be awesome: very Zorro or even Lone Ranger (The Lone Cossack perhaps?) like. Armor on the bear would be cool as well but not too much.

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    What do you guys want to see?
    Personally I'd like the following:
    Some nod to Rasputin
    At least 1 bear

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