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    I dunno.. her legs seem a bit long (no, that not just perspective with the camera..) but from the source material, she does have long gam gams. Hmmph. Maybe I just have to do better proportioning the armature. Even though sculpting is done and I have her snowboard all ready, I'm gonna wait until after I paint her to glue her one.. that way I can get to trouble areas from below. Not sure if I wanna devote my time to that or start another 25mm sculpt. Could probably do both once I'm not so fatigued from being the Ghost of Christmas Present.

    -Is that a Santa Homer, Mr.M? ^u^

    Cheers everyone!

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    Chrispy that is looking pretty solid! I like the stylized look. The proportions give a great sense of movement. Her left pectoral looks a little masculine though. Maybe cut it in a little and define the boob more?

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    nice job chrispy , there's a bit of a rough blend on her bum but that's some very fast work
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    Well, I finished something.
    My wife is a huge Family Guy fan, so I decided that with time being so short, I was going to attempt some ornaments in the shape of characters from the show. I originally had something more challenging planned, but as I said time is too short.
    Cartoon figures, brought to 3d. Sounds simple enough. Hah.
    It didn't help that I was working in a new medium (Sculpey), nor using an armature. While the material itself was fun to work with because I didn't have to worry about cure times, I did have to pay more attention to pressure applied with shapers.
    It's not my best work, but hopefully she'll like it. I'm going to try and get another one or two done before Christmas. The good thing is that if this goes over well, I can keep making more. And as I get better, I can re-visit the ones I stink up.
    Anyways, pics. About an hour of sculpting, 30 minutes of baking, and another hour under the brush.

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    Awesome TrystanGST!
    Quote Originally Posted by A Luna View Post
    Consider yourself quoted!

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    Well done everyone, great work!
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Started on another one, this time at 28mm scale. It's the Krampus- the evil to St. Nick's good. I also painted up Jingle Belle.. Note that I don't have my usual camera set up because grandma is staying in that room, so light is going to be off..Plus, I hate some of my paint- white is new and doesn't coververy well, otherwise I'd put the highlights in her eyes. Anyhoo, Merry Chrispymas!!

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    Nice ornament there Chrispy
    Happy Holidays to you all
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    Chrispy guessed it correctly and here's the finished result, Ho Ho Homer.

    Jingle Belle turned out great! Hope everyone has a great Christmas

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    Now, I usually resize to something smaller, but-

    I thought the Krampus' face came out pretty good. I could've done the hands a bit better (he's pointing, didn't come out in photos 'cause of angle), but this mix of GS/ Aves came out.. funky. Could be ratios were off, or even the fact I mixed them all at once, rather than the GS and Aves separate. Eh, I'll figure it out. In other sculping news, I just found out today that boiling Sculpey does in fact work, so I may go back to that for January. We shall see..

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    Concerning the mix of aves and gs i think mr pink has some good advice in part 2 of his sculpting tutorial.


    I also have some progress to report. First I made the armature.
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    Then I put some putty on it. I also placed the arms. They didnt want to cooperate without extra putty but since this figure is going to have a hunchback that was not a problem.
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