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    Cool Festive Sculpt-Along

    Welcome to the fourth instalment of our humble Sculpt-along!

    Previous months can be found here:

    #1) September 2013 (Vampire Hunter):
    #2) October 2013 (Halloween):

    #3) November 2013 (Animated Characters)


    • The owner of the current months thread will choose the owner of the next months thread from the list of participating members. This will be revealed in the topic intro;
    • Anyone can participate and at any point of the month. On the last day of the month we have to post a photo of our efforts, finished or otherwise!
    • If you are unable to participate in any particular month, by all means post a link to anything you have been sculpting. We are after all here to learn from each other!
    • Any suggestions for a future months topic can be posted in red text, like this: "Zombie versions of yourself";
    • Normal forum rules apply, so play nice children!

    This months subject is here to spread festive cheer for one and all, MERRY SCULPTMAS

    This can be anything you want at all but it has to have a link to the season of good will! Ever wanted to sculpt Death dressed as Santa? Wonder what a were-reindeer would look like? Hell even if it just a figure that you are making for someone for Christmas (although we do want pictures of the look of joy when they open it on Chrimbo morning)

    This sculpt-along will run from the first of December until the 24th of December. Moonmin previously nominated Chrispy to take the reins for January and I can't wait to see what he comes up with (no pressure )

    Have fun everybody and merry Christmas to all!

    ^^ please stop by for a look

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    Once I get off my butt and finish Red, I'll whip something up for this one.
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    Woo hoo! One more week of class, then I can sculpt to my heart's delight!
    (When I'm not playing Christmas Present in Dicken's "Carol".... That may or may not factor into my sculpting)

    And yeah, I've got somefing interesting planned for January.

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    I would like to stay away from anything actually christmasy but i have an idea for a wintery mini.

    Imagine a Mad Scientist creating a monster. Imagine him shouting to his Igor. "Igor! Bring me a head!" Then imagine Igor returning with the head of a snowman.
    Alternativly this is just how Mad Scientists make snowmen.
    Name:  Bring Me A Head.jpg
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    In this concept drawing Igor is carrying the head of a snowman in his shoulders.

    Is this ok or is it strictly christmas themed stuff this month?

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    I would say that's ok. Of course I have no authority.
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    I'd say winter themes are festive enough, so "yes", go for it! It's still sculpting all the same and that is what brings us together!
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    Consider yourself quoted!

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    Well.. first thing's first- clean off the table:

    Aaaaand.. done!.. Just wish it had taken me as long as it took to do the time lapse and make a .gif rather than taking ALL FREAKING DAY YESTERDAY!
    >Ahem< Well, now that that is over, I can begin!
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    Okay, here we go:

    Yeah, I know it's rough and the face looks like an alien.. but look what I'm dealing with:

    Yep- Jingle Belle.
    At this point early on in the game, I have a couple of options: 1) Start over in a larger scale (my thinking was this would be an ornament anyways) 2) start cutting down some parts, and last resort 3) throw it out, work on something totally different. So- would like to hear from fellow CMON'ers about any of these notions. Also interested to see what creative projects they got going on (Love that snowman/igor idea, Kon!).

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    Larger scale would definitely work for an ornament, keep with it as it's a very cool concept.
    Aiming to do Satan Claws with his naughty helper
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    Went ahead and took your advice and went larger scale.. While I was making the armature up, I realized the excess wire made it look like I was about to sculpt Slenderman:

    Satan claws sounds like a cool concept!
    Reminds me of the old (stupid) joke of the dyslexic Devil-Worshipper who sold his soul to Santa.

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    I reckon the excess Is the right size comparison for anyone wanting to make a grey or cloner from star wars.
    What thickness wire do you use ?
    I'd completely forgotten that joke, the idea came from THE LAST BOY SCOUT
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    I'm using 18 gauge aluminum wire. I also have some 20 and 22, plus some 18 gauge floral wire wrapped in paper. I got the last item to try and put Sculpey on, as I think it will hold better, but have yet to experiment with it. Also, one other thing I'm doing this time is using the "Easy bake oven" method of curing the putty- I made the "oven" out of an empty pint-sized paint can, and sprayed chrome into it to get a reflective surface. Then I just put a 25 watt bulb on my old sing-arm lamp and it tops it off perfectly. Just did a test to see if it was working by leaving some putty away from it, and in about 45 minutes, the stuff that was baked is hard and the unbaked is pliable. I feel this will speed up the process quite a bit, and I highly recommend it for epoxy putty!
    Well, back to the grind... sculpting.. stone... Laters!

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    Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking ornament.
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    Hey all,

    Im new the the CMON forums and keen to get back into sculpting. It has been forever and I have missed it greatly. I stumbled upon this thread, it looks like a bunch of fun and thought I would give this a go

    My idea is a badass version of santa. Think bikey meets Santa. A whole lot of muscle under that beer belly of his. You better not be naughty..

    Here is the basic armature with muscle proportions chucked on

    Name:  Santa Stage 1.jpg
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    There are still some areas I want to beef up a bit, but overall I am happy

    Crits and Tips welcome


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    Been working on various areas:

    I still have to kinda make her bewbs "prekier" and some areas need to be filled. Even though the epoxy putty keeps okay in the freezer, you don't get the extra pliability that you do when you first make it up. I do like this aspect, though, since I'm working with large smooth areas. The legs seem intimidating, butt I got to get them done if anything else is going to continue. I still think her feet are a bit too small- she's wearing snowboots, so if anything I would assume bigger is better. I was thinking about casting this.. but the method I used on the hands made tiny fingers and one already got chipped off. Well- keep up the great work everyone!

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    Just want too say this is a wonerfull thing you all doing in this thread, hopefull I will have time ot try out some day. I do want too.

    Have fun now.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Looking good chrispy , Her boobs look a little high on the chest unless your going for boob job look. keep up the great work
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    Thanks war! Yeah, well- you gotta remember she's a Paul Dini character, so she's very pinup-y.. plus, any tweaks in anatomy I can blame on her being an elf.

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    Sound's perfectly reasonable to me, hope to have something to show by the end of the week as long as all the commissions stay on track !
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    Hi all, I'm new to CMON so thought I'd have a crack at the festive themed sculpt along. Here's a little something I've started. Any guesses?
    Name:  WP_001608.jpg
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