A big thank you to ten ball , boyzie & kornel Kozak
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Thread: A big thank you to ten ball , boyzie & kornel Kozak

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    Default A big thank you to ten ball , boyzie & kornel Kozak

    I've been on cmon few awhile now and I see so many of the constituents worry about rating! These are just numbers that are subjective and not the point of the site! The point is meeting and getting priceless tips and knowledge by all the wonderful artists and amazing stand up people on here. So a big thank you to my mentors coaches and friends of boyzie, ten ball (yes the old ten ball) lol and eavy metals kornel Kozak ! Thanks to these brilliants artists I've finally understand the positioning of highlights and pushing contrasts not only amongst the different colors in a scheme but the shade and highlight contrasts that many artists are using a is the forefront of model painting! Thanks to boyzie for the STOP SIGN RULE, thanks to ten ball and his honest but integrity strewn critiques and always taking the time to let young aspiring artists know there work is appreciated and last but def not least eavy metals own thanks to KORNEL KOZAK who took the time to respond and honestly rate my work! Also a special thank you to DRAGONSREACH mike is not only a fountain of knowledge but I and he I feel are bonded thru a certain tragedy we both went thru and thank you for giving your condolences to mr and my family when I expressed the sadness from losing my mother recently! I THANK YOU ALL AND WISH THE BEST TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!! Thank you

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    Well THANK YOU.
    That is an unexpected nicety at the end of a really, really crappy day.
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    Ah, I like nice comments, cheers
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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