Finally Finished!!! SDE Base Set Painting Complete!
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Thread: Finally Finished!!! SDE Base Set Painting Complete!

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    Default Finally Finished!!! SDE Base Set Painting Complete!

    Started back in May for what was supposed to be a quick paint and dip but quickly evolved into a much more labor intense painting job. I have two young children and work full time, so most painting was done in evenings after they were in bed and I didn't have chores to do or something else distracting me (new games for example). This was my second time painting minis, my first was a warm-up attempt at my Fortune and Glory figures just prior to starting on the SDE set (they were painted and dipped). Since then, I started playing around with shading, layering, dry brushing, and washes. These figures are all part of that experiment and expansion of my skills. All were done using Apple Barrel and Folk Art craft paints from Walmart, some nicer synthetic blend brushes from Michaels, and toward the end I started experimenting with some of the Army Paint inks (washes) to go back and add some shading to the figures. Sealed with brush on liquitex satin varnish to retain some sheen to the anime inspired minis.

    Here is the full album:

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    For your second time painting, you should be proud. That is a really nice looking set!
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