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    Default 200,000 Minis

    Yep this morning we passed 200,000 minis posted up on this site.

    Bloody Hell who'd have thought that would ever happen.

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    WOW! I need to vote more or I'll never rate them all. Now, should we try to guess how many unpainted minis there are waiting in the queue behind all those painted ones? I alone must be pushing 50 (and growing) unpainted minis to my 6 painted entries...
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    hmm, considering how many I've voted already it'd take only 55 hours to vote on all IF I could vote 1/sec.
    @10sec/vote, it'd take a bit over 3 weeks... not impossible, but hard.

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    I actually thought there'd be more given how long the site's been up and number of users... but then I realize how long it takes us to actually DO the work. So, really that 200k mark is more like a million plus work hours! Whew! We be awesomesauce!

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