Lets all send christmas greetings to dragonsreach heh heh
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Thread: Lets all send christmas greetings to dragonsreach heh heh

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    Default Lets all send christmas greetings to dragonsreach heh heh

    Dragonsreach absolutely LUUUUUUUUUUUUURVES Christmas (he hates it really!) so in true CMON spirit lets bombard the curmudgeon er I mean ever so fine fellow with lots of extravagant Christmas best wishes so anyway here we go. Merry Christmas dragonsreachName:  cat-grumpy-meow-funny-christmas_4507122586683270.jpg
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    Victis hostibus tuis tibi rapitur videre et audire fletum mulierum. (or as near as google can do it!)
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    Yep, a massive Merry Christmas Mike with all the trimmings !!

    and before you start with the humbug, just remember you don't want those ghosts coming around again. he he
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    Happy christmas!

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    Merry Christmas
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    The holidays aren't for everyone. Don't let the fat man get you down
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    Merry Christmas, my good fellow! Here's something to put on in the background on Christmas Day:
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    Seasons greetings Mike!

    Quote Originally Posted by A Luna View Post
    Consider yourself quoted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonmin82 View Post
    Seasons greetings Mike!

    My wife loves it when I get her coal. Well compressed and around a carat weight.
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    Here you go DR
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    Merry Christmas DR!

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    GOD JUL.

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    AndyG and everyone else Thanks I 've had a damn good laugh at this because YES I do despise this time of year.
    There are so many things about it I really hate, the false jolliness, the "let's be friends, because it christmas" mentality, the crass commercialism, the enforced christmas music blasting out of shop hifi systems. (And I feel so sorry for the shop assistants lumbered with that 8 hours a day.)

    I have a personal philosopy; there are 365(.25) days a year, kindness and consideration should equally spread across them all not just crammed into the last 30.

    OK grumbling over' I'm going to surprise you all this year our house has not just one but TWO christmas trees decorated and on display.
    Our little friend Naeema (aka Squirt and when I say little I tell her she's 4'7½" in high heels!) sent us a text message asking if she could help us decorate our christmas tree as she's never done one before. She couldn't believe that we didn't bother so she pestered us and I eventally relented. Hey, we consider Naeema part of our eccentric extended family.
    So after and expedition into the loft (aka The Spider Zone) she came over one Saturday night and four hours and a lot of laughter later we had two trees done and in the living room.
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    Oh and yes that is Arthur Christmas on the TV in the background.

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    So here's a Grumbly Crumble Mess to all.
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    Your tree is even smaller than mine!! Nice one

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    It's not the size of your tree, it's how you decorate it.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    I hope you don't have a couple of malnourished children up under those robes.
    "Yes, yes, yes. Woman are in awe of his manhood and men swoon in his wake. Truly he is a legend in his own mind."

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    I did for that scene, actually.. Want had on a "Hannibal Lector" mask, and Ignorance had on a blindfold. Our costumer is an awesome lady!

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