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    While Christmas shopping this year, I made a stop at my LGS - for the first time in ages. I noticed that they have started carrying the entire line of Vallejo Game and Model Colors. They are also running a buy 2/get one free special. I regularly use Reaper and P3 paints. I've always been interested in checking out their Model Color line (I've used the Game Colors before). I've read the pros/cons of VMC. I'd like to buy a few to check-out their properties for myself. My question: what shades of VMC have y'all found useful, enjoyable, what to stay away from, etc. Any favorite VMCs out there?

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    I love the metallics in the model range. The metallic flecks, so much finer. The silver in the Model "air" range in particular, works a treat for the layering method in applying the silvery highlights.

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    "Any favourite VMC out there?"


    Ivory ****
    Iraqi Sand
    Brown sand ****
    Neutral Grey
    German Camo Black Brown. ****
    German Camo Orange Brown
    All the Olive greens
    Matt medium
    Glaze Medium

    **** indicates highest usage by me. Must be on my 8th bottle of Ivory now.

    I've ended up 95% ditching GW paints for Vallejo, but by no means is this a complete list of what I have or use.
    Others will recommend more colours, but often its down to buying what you need at a specific time.
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    Red Black is the foundation color for most my reds.

    I've been recently having success with glaze medium as thinning agent instead of water.

    I really like the Panzer Aces Flesh shade/midtone/highlight. It seems to have the right balance of pink vs. orange. Panzer aces is yet another line by Vallejo.

    I've generally found Vallejo's Model colors to be thicker and flatter than Model Colors. Some colors separate more than others on a wet pallet

    I've found this link useful. It is a document showing roughly the equivalent colors across the ranges and compares them to Citadel colors.

    discussion- http://geeklyminis.blogspot.com/2012...pp-reaper.html
    spreadsheet - http://goo.gl/xz2kI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    Ivory ****
    German Camo Black Brown. ****
    Indeed and indeed!! Those two paints are generally my white and black. I tend to stay away from pure white and pure black as much as possible (still use them for some things, when it's really needed) as I get a richer, warmer tone to my figures that way.

    Other than those two, I might add the following that gets used a lot by me:
    Mahogany Brown
    Burnt Cadmium Red
    Basalt Grey
    Dark Sea Blue
    German Grey
    Beige Brown
    Medium Flesh
    Light Flesh

    But there are many more useful colours. I use perhaps 85% VMC paint.
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    I use all the skintones for my gold NMM, because I feel they are too yellow from Vallejo. I also love Cork Brown and Beige Red as my skin base, and I'm constantly using Dark Blue in all manner of projects. You're lucky to have a local shop selling the whole range- Hobby Lobby around here has a limited stock of the "Military" colors and airbrush, but both those stores are on the far sides of town, with me in the middle.

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