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    Default Looking for 54mm Sci Fi Miniatures

    For the last several months I have had a hankering to paint some larger scale figures like 54mm, 70mm, and 90mm. The problem is there is not a lot of options in the sci fi range, or nothing to excite me enough to buy one to paint. I have looked at Andrea and the Dark Nova series, kind of leaning toward Gabriel Blackburn, but I am wondering what else is out there? Any other manufactures at 54mm scale or larger of sci fi miniatures?


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    Kabuki has a line of 54mm, as does scibor and hightech miniatures. Also Model Display products has some Scifi figures in a larger scale too. As does Cadwallon.

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    Scale 75 sells some nice larger works http://www.scale75.com/index.php?rou...tegory&path=49 Can be bought directly or from larger figure retailers like El Greco or Red Lancers.

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    Paolo Parente (former artist for Rackham) had a line called "Dust" that was Sci-Fi WWII mech type game that was 54mm (better chance of searching for 1/35th scale). Hobby Link Japan has some in stock, as well as some other plastic kits.
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