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    Default Closing a Sketch Book

    2013 has been a year when I did a lot of Sketches and Water colours.
    Today I've just used the last page in my one of my sketch books and thought I'd share.
    OK you all know what a Show Off Tart I am, so you shouldn't be surprised.

    Name:  Hawk.jpg
Views: 254
Size:  46.6 KB
    Possibly put this Hawk up before.

    Name:  Leopard.jpg
Views: 219
Size:  62.2 KB

    Name:  Otter.jpg
Views: 214
Size:  39.1 KB
    Name:  Orangutan.jpg
Views: 306
Size:  40.8 KB
    Orangutan (Female)
    Name:  Fox.jpg
Views: 238
Size:  58.5 KB
    All these animal studies are copied from Photographs no tracing involved.

    Name:  Autumnal-Studies.jpg
Views: 218
Size:  178.9 KB
    Autumnal Studies.
    Name:  Koi-Tattoo.jpg
Views: 248
Size:  154.3 KB
    Koi Tattoo Style
    Name:  Rhode.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  99.9 KB
    Rhode Island Coffee Shop where a lot of my spare time seems to get spent.
    Plus they're used to my eccentricities(!). Ok maybe not ALL of my eccentricities.
    Name:  Hamilton-Square.jpg
Views: 214
Size:  115.9 KB
    The View from one of the upstairs offices where I work in Birkenhead.
    Name:  Molly.jpg
Views: 207
Size:  114.1 KB
    A copy from a Photograph of the Artist Molly Schmidt.
    Name:  Statue.jpg
Views: 213
Size:  71.7 KB
    A statute study done in one of the hidden gems of Manchester, The John Ryland Library.
    This is where Karl Marx and Karl Engles did a lot of their writing.
    Name:  Candle.jpg
Views: 207
Size:  41.7 KB
    Candle (as if you didn't know)
    Name:  Sno-family.jpg
Views: 221
Size:  67.6 KB
    OK just because I'm a Grinch doesn't mean I can't draw a Snow Family.

    Name:  Old-and-new.jpg
Views: 219
Size:  24.1 KB
    And Finally The Old Grumpy 2013 handing over the Paintbrush to the New Innocent 2014.

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    I love them all! Great work sir.

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    The old grumpy looks familiar
    Love them Mike.
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    Some really nice work there Mike :-)
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    Yeah he just needs a medallion and a pair of glasses lol
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    Fine sketch work, Dragon..

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    Good sketch book DR!! It's a question of being a "show off tart". What is the point of doing work and not showing it to people? What you've done should always be shared with family and friends in my opinion. Share the eye candy around mate. Thats what it's all about. Hope your next sketchbook gets filled up to!


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    Great stuff! I particularly like the otter!

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    Good stuff! Keep drawing and happy new year to you!
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    Great work DR.
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    Nice style! I have had a sketch book this year as well, but that work is less stringent to say the least...

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