Well it's been a very different year for me.
Cancer treatment, long term sick, permanent side effects, return to work, job under threat but hey still here.
So I thought I'd list the highs (and lows) of this year:
Getting the PSA down to 0.5 from 37.5.
Getting an unexpected Mob hug greeting on my return from the girls (Baristas) at my habitual lunchtime Coffee shop.
Getting a Finalist at Salute.
Being invited to and taking the photographs at our friends Muslim Wedding (Nikah)
Going down to Cobham to celebrate my Aunt and Uncles Golden Wedding, did the photographer thing for them to.
Catching up with all my cousins together for the first time in 34 years.
Being awarded a Bronze at Euro-Militaire.
Taking the opportunity to introduce the lad I've taught a little painting to, to adult companionship by Paul, Tim & I taking him to Fiasco at Leeds Royal Armouries. Bit of culture shock for him being treat as an adult, especially as we wound him up about a Waitress fancying him. So who got the biggest slice of cake Harry?
Being told that Harry wishes I was his Grandfather.
Helping with Australian Bushfire appeal.

Discovering that the radiotherapy has damaged my hips and I'm not as 'Flexible or Mobile' as I once was.
Stress at work caused by a d*ckwit reversing 3 months work. (Good job I'm not in the USA I'd probably have shot the t**t when I found out)
Stress needing Betablockers. (Had to bin them in the end, side effects not worth the results.)
The Death of my Uncle in Cobham and the subsequent Funeral. (I've always been very proud of All my cousins achievements in life, but his two Daughters proved themselves far better than I, by delivering a eulogy without breaking down. Something I couldn't do and I'm not ashamed to say brought me to tears. And I regret that I was careless enough not to have been closer to him and them.)

So before we close the curtain on 2013 anyone else want share their highs and lows.