2013 coming to a close.
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    Default 2013 coming to a close.

    Well it's been a very different year for me.
    Cancer treatment, long term sick, permanent side effects, return to work, job under threat but hey still here.
    So I thought I'd list the highs (and lows) of this year:
    Getting the PSA down to 0.5 from 37.5.
    Getting an unexpected Mob hug greeting on my return from the girls (Baristas) at my habitual lunchtime Coffee shop.
    Getting a Finalist at Salute.
    Being invited to and taking the photographs at our friends Muslim Wedding (Nikah)
    Going down to Cobham to celebrate my Aunt and Uncles Golden Wedding, did the photographer thing for them to.
    Catching up with all my cousins together for the first time in 34 years.
    Being awarded a Bronze at Euro-Militaire.
    Taking the opportunity to introduce the lad I've taught a little painting to, to adult companionship by Paul, Tim & I taking him to Fiasco at Leeds Royal Armouries. Bit of culture shock for him being treat as an adult, especially as we wound him up about a Waitress fancying him. So who got the biggest slice of cake Harry?
    Being told that Harry wishes I was his Grandfather.
    Helping with Australian Bushfire appeal.

    Discovering that the radiotherapy has damaged my hips and I'm not as 'Flexible or Mobile' as I once was.
    Stress at work caused by a d*ckwit reversing 3 months work. (Good job I'm not in the USA I'd probably have shot the t**t when I found out)
    Stress needing Betablockers. (Had to bin them in the end, side effects not worth the results.)
    The Death of my Uncle in Cobham and the subsequent Funeral. (I've always been very proud of All my cousins achievements in life, but his two Daughters proved themselves far better than I, by delivering a eulogy without breaking down. Something I couldn't do and I'm not ashamed to say brought me to tears. And I regret that I was careless enough not to have been closer to him and them.)

    So before we close the curtain on 2013 anyone else want share their highs and lows.
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    Closed out a senior manager role in Singapore and returned to my wife and son in Oz.
    Organized the Australian Bushfire Appeal.
    Studying for my CIPP/IT - Certified Information Privacy Professional - met a few great folks. But I still haven't taken the exam ...
    My sister's marriage recovered.
    Watching my son grow up! Nothing else even comes close to this high.

    Left a really successful career as a senior manager.
    Unable to find a job in Oz because of the poor economy and probably an overspecialization. For 4 months. Jesus.
    Arthritis is really acting up again, really strange considering the heat wave in Oz.
    My grandmother passed in April. That really knocked me for six.
    My mother is scheduled for a cataract operation, first week of Jan. It's the first inclination that I really *got* that my parents were growing old. And it's currently knocking me for another six.

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    Finally sorting out the kitchen - painting everything from walls to cupboards. It's a small kitchen so have made it seem larger.
    Getting some really good miniature painting time in.
    Spending quality time with friends and actually getting back into gaming again.
    Realising that I need *me* time else I get really stressed and a right miserable git.

    Realising things aren't quite a solid between me and the girlfriend as we'd thought. My family haven't helped on that front either and not entirely out of the woods either.
    No pay rise for the third year running.
    Girlfriend being out of work for 6 months and the money/stress that caused (walked out of two jobs and redundant from one).
    Having to get a new boiler fitted with a water softener, ate the reserve of money that we wanted to spend on a new patio.
    Allowing the house to become a mess and subsequently busting a gut to sort it out before Christmas.

    Next Year
    Well 2014 looks like it's going to be a better year than this one. All being well things will settle down and now that the house is more together I should be able to have more time to do the things I want to rather than doing chores all the time. I've a couple of things I'm looking forward to, Rivet Wars' arrival is imminent and I've a trip upto Warhammer World planned too.

    Who knows, maybe I'll even get a wip post up

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    Mike, I'm glad that you got through your prostate issue.

    Going to CMON Expo with Grumb and families.
    Seeing my Dad home from the cardiac ward with a new pacemaker/defib unit.
    Finally landed a 27" redfish on my flats boat. (27" is the top of the slot that can come home for dinner)
    My folks were here for a visit over Thanksgiving.
    The family is in good health.

    Lost one of my best friends and old college roommate.
    I was laid off (made redundant) the week before Thanksgiving. The market for my profession is slim. Going back to school may be in order.
    My wife's best client (about 30% of her income) decided to go in-house with what she does - dropping her.

    2013 started off with lots of promise, but has been a major let down here at the end.
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    Finalist at GDUK and Salute.
    My daughters doing well at school.

    My wife being ill.
    Working three jobs and still having money problems.
    Oh and getting sweet FA at Euro Mil.

    Been a real shite year
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    2013 has been a bad year out there and I for one, can say I'm happy to see the back of it.


    Having success with my own thing, Crystal Moon Studio's, making equine collectibles.
    Being asked to go to the UK's version of Breyerfest (big thing in the model horse world) to talk about my equines.

    The other half being sick off work for all of the year due to Labyrinthitis.
    Due to that, not having any kind of money.
    2 notices of attempting eviction (really low)
    Selling off miniatures/items of value (another really low)

    I can now say we are finally sorting things out so we are on an even keel. The other half is feeling alot better and is hopeful about going back into work in the New Year. My equines are still selling fast and I've got orders in the pipeline.
    May you all have a Happy New Year *raises a toast to 2014* bring it on!

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    Okay, let's see..
    Finally got around to painting again.
    Got all A's except for one B for the year.
    Got back in touch with a lot of my former friends on FB.
    Worked through the production of Christmas Carol to the end.
    Rapidly improved in all my areas of art.
    Grandma came for Xmas.

    STILL don't have a significant other, or job.
    Depression has been bad, and I'm back in therapy.
    Turned 30.
    No idea what I'm going to do after I graduate.
    Grandma came for Xmas.

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    Watching the little one start JK and seeing her revel in the joy of learning.
    Hostile corporate take over at work that wiped out the mid management level and for maybe the first time in history actually made for a far better work environment for me and my colleagues as our new bosses are family folks who get that it's just TV and it's supposed be fun and creative.
    Joining C'MON and growing as a painter from high end table top to low level display (I've had a few requests for commissions and recently an invite to P&P)!

    Basement flooding. Having never been through a natural disaster before due to living in a pretty stable climate that was a little bit of a wake up call. I lost pretty much the entire summer restoring the basement in my spare time. Silver lining: Newly reno'd basement thanks to a cheque from the insurance company and ton of work by me! Managed to break even so no profit, but also not out a ton of money either.

    A pretty solid year for me. Here's hoping that your best of 2013 is only your worst of 2014!

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    Ok here we go


    my son turning one and running about and giggling like a lunatic!
    my daughter top of the class in English and maths and her painting miniatures with me so proud could burst!
    wife a pain in the arse but my pain in the arse! Best friend through thick and thin.
    highly commended at euro militaire and finalist at GD 2013.

    No pay rise worth speaking about for the fifth year on the trot.
    arsehole management still can't find said arsehole with both hands and a map.
    finecast still in production.

    All in all the pluses definitely outweigh the minuses.
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    Hell, I'm not sure I should be posting in this thread tbh, given that 2013 was most definately shittest year in my life hands down. I'm gonna start with the lows....


    1.My nan died in January, on her birthday bless her. I was closer to my nan than my mum, so particularly hard. Loved her lots.
    2.My stepfather was diagnosed with bowel cancer in September 2012 (second uber shit year of my life) and as time passed things got worse with it spreading everywhere, skin bones etc. He died in July and I was there with him in his final moments. The most horrible thing to see.
    3. My brother was also diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys which was discovered early on. Thankfully a successful operation was carried out but he now has white spots found on them.
    4. Several friends also had deaths in their own families due to cancer. When your friends lives are shitty, it is certainly saddening. So my friends lows are also lows for me, especially as yet again cancer rears its ugly head.
    5. Having to sell the house. My wife and I seperated in 2012. She cannot afford to support the mortgage and her other place. The market being what it is caused me to lose 18,000 on the eventually price we have sold for. I'm not totally out of pocket fortunately as I still walk away with money in my pocket, no mortgage and all debts cleared if the sale goes through without issue.
    6. Not entering Games Day - planned to try for another finalist and of course hope to win something. didn't manage to paint any minis at all.


    Not many I'm afraid.

    1. A not too bad summer, despite raging bad depression, getting away from the madness of my life and venturing to the beach every week to paint and draw and think and spend some time with a dear friend who helped me through my woes immensely.
    2. Playtesting Relic for FFG and getting the chance to do some other stuff I can't talk about.
    3. Buying myself lots of xmas prezzies with my savings money, the last of the profit from the sale of my previous place. I used it to get lots of art materials and a CIntiq 13HD as well as a brilliant original painting by Ralph Horsley to hang above my desk and serve as inspiration for 2014. Art is the keyword for me to get through 2014 and put life back on track.
    4. Attending my 3rd convention ever - Armadacon in Plymouth. A small but friendly local sci-fi convention. Our gaming group ran some boardgames for the event and I enjoyed doing that and meeting some new people.
    5.Seeing the release of a friends comic, from ideas to publication. Inspiring. The comic in question...Arthur Shilling. I was offered the chance to do some illustrations and a sculpture for it but declined due to my life being unsettled to commit to a project.

    Other stuff probably happened but I have had 3 glasses of wine and thats enough stuff to write I think!


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    My cup runneth over.


    Got another sweet boy!
    The 1st boy is doing Great!
    Wife is kicking ass in her career despite being preggers all the time
    My job is being super accommodating these days plus I got neat new job in my office.
    I finally have and "8" in my gallery even without out the gaming buddys giving me a bunch of "10's'

    I am sure there was something but I can't remember what it was.

    My heart goes out to you guys that are having a tough time.

    Happy New Years!

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    Hi all, this thread really surprised me so thanks drangonseach for starting it. Also all of your shares. They are very honest and touching and I feel a lot of your loss and pain and feel safe to respond with my 2013 as a result. Death and disease particularly, didn't it all seem so fun and exciting as a kid growing up on fantasy and scifi that we all now paint... And now so real and final.

    My lows are connected to my highs but then being one entity I guess that makes sense.

    Low - being thrown out by my ex of 4 years in January and going to my father as was homeless only to be turned away. Realising I had no one left in the world to turn to. Finding aloneness generally unbearable.

    High - being taken in by almost strangers and put up for three months.. Learning that there are people who can give unconditionally and restoring my faith in people.

    Low - the pain of losing the relationship where I had something real and beautiful by my own actions. Realising it was my behaviour and recognising them as addiction. The shame of seeking help for it. The realisation that this is gonna take time.

    High - the help groups making sense. Some of the isolation falling away as a result. Relationships found there. Some sobriety since going from my addictive behaviours giving inner clarity.

    low - nearly losing my doggie to the ex
    high - getting her back and breeding her , and raising puppies so now here's three of us!

    Low - gduk being adisappointment. Seeing the comp as political for the first time.
    high - getting three finalists there, two at salute and generally feel happier with my painting than I've ever been thanks to this forum and hard work.

    Low - as above being totally alone no family. No love.
    high- finding location i want to live in and stop running. Finding the beginning of a higher power/ concuous awareness.

    much love to you all in the new year.

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    My heart also go out to the losses and heartbreak.

    - A general lack of energy apart from the summer.
    - Some personal problems growing worse which contributes to the lack of energy
    - Still unsure about what I want to do in life even I always reply very surely when people ask.
    - Not finishing a miniature. Two are only a base away though.

    - Still managing school despite lack of energy and that the education sometimes is brutal (Computer science).
    - One of the best summers I have had filled with drawing, spending time with new and old friends and some romance even!
    - My parents are still pretty healthy from some years of turmoil involving cancer and other more vague illnesses. Dad turned 70 and just made a test of his health - turns out all values are great!
    - Deciding to take my own artistic endeavors more seriously. Started recording my music and spent the summer drawing.
    - Involved in several interesting projects.

    2012 was a terrible year. 2013 was a big improvement with the great summer.

    I have planned two things this year that hopefully will make it even better:
    -I will spend the entire summer sculpting and not in Umeå, so I won't engage in too many projects again.
    -I have plans to study abroad next fall in Dundee, Scotland!
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