Fine models are outlasting us
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Thread: Fine models are outlasting us

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    Default Fine models are outlasting us

    Just want to say to all the wonderful people on here happy new year and great fortune and well health ! WANT TO LET ALL KNOW THE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! The great thing about getting older to a modeler and Jin painter is! THE OLDER WE GET THE BETTER THE MODELS ARE GETTING!! WONDERFUL!!!

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    Happy New Year to you too mate. If only we could get the better quality without the aging...

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    As my son said the other day about his skylanders, pappa you can exchange your body with this. I said, Good I ned to do that. His reply was It is only for 6 yeras of age. I have too keep my old body..

    Have a great coming year .

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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