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    So my core box showed up today, managed to get in 2 games with a friend when he had an incredible idea for a Rivet Wars campaign.

    Think of it like a choose your own adventure. You would start with a random scenario out of, say, 10. Based on the outcome of that scenario, the next battle would act as a continuation. So if the Blight don't manage to siege Hill 356, then they would suffer some sort of counter-attack, flavor text and all. And the results if that encounter determine the next one, and so on until some sort of conclusion is met.

    Honestly, all it does is take the missions that already exist, as well as those that are sure to be created by the community, and tie them together into an overarching narrative, but even that sounds pretty cool. Anyone think they'd be interested I trying to put something like that together?

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    taking this a step further, I wanted to do a global campaign with all of the factions. Picture having a cool world map set-up, as is in the art book, and using that to track your county's advancement. Sort of like keeping track of the global campaign like Risk, but *actually* playing out the battles.
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    @binary Yes, exactly!!! Some sort of "global conflict" where individual battles in different theaters actually play out and have certain implications. Say the Blight manage to push through and connect some supply lines, maybe they'd start the next mission with an extra rivet or something

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    I thought it'd be cool to use your global leaders (Uncle Rivet, etc.) as your markers on the map, and then maybe smaller "rivet" tokens to mark out your conquered/reclaimed territory.
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    Keep those ideas coming! The Zombicide franchise owes its success to their fan base continuously coming up with new scenarios and ideas to keep the game fresh and exciting. Once everyone receive their packages, play a few games, I am sure you guys are super smart and can come up with some fun ways to play the game.

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    Maybe the amount of wins a certain faction has gotten can unlock heroes for the campaign? Lt Mcleod can't be used by the allies if the Blight won "The Assault of Ellington". Or the generic heroes get unlocked by the winner of every third mission. And it can be character Permadeath for the whole campaign, so if Uncle Rivet dies in the first battle, he's gone forever. Maybe do certain missions where there is a hidden objective, like getting Vorne to a lab to get Plague Troopers for the rest of the campaign.

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    Deadzone has a neat idea for recruiting new model types you could borrow. After a game you get to spend you Victory points to unlock model types which can then be used in games after. But in RW games end when you hit a certain VP score rather than a time limit, so the idea would need a bit of adjustment. Could do it only on VP's scored using the Mission Cards, so score 2 VP's on Missions you can then spend those 2VP's to unlock a unit type for all the next games.

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    Oooooh, totally on board with all of this. I know in the "Mission 2" game that I played, I didn't really have much issue putting Jager out on the battlefield, but once he was there I definitely started to feel some anxiety about him getting taken out, and the idea of specialty characters being "finite in supply" to an overall, total war just makes them that much more special. To that end though, maybe there could be the possibility of having a generic form of those characters. For example, what if there were a 2 DP version of Jager that doesn't have the buff, only 1 health, but still had sniper and 2 dice against light armor? Basically, a generic sniper that can still be strategically deployed, but not relying on the hero sniper?

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    Yes, if this was modeled like Zombicide with Missions and whatnot posted on, I would be ecstatic. It's a wonderful business model, and one that Rivet Wars could thrive on. Excited for the future and for now!

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    Looks like I'll be spending the afternoon trying to get this thing started

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