First Two Missions Played! Two Questions.
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Thread: First Two Missions Played! Two Questions.

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    Thumbs up First Two Missions Played! Two Questions.

    Played first two missions in Rivet Wars. I'm loving it! You can see my boards curl in the photo.

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    The game is way more tactical than I expected. Lots of juicy choice each turn. The card play really mixes things up. Bad dice can happen, but I feel putting proper odds to bear is key to success. The turn order makes the game. Having to commit to your deployment, before shooting, before moving makes it way more chess like.Good times! Looking forward to more.

    Two questions came up, About Deviation, a lot of effort seems to go into describing this system and it is only used for gas attacks and a couple of Action cards. Artillery fire and support guns aren't affected by this rule in any way?

    When making a Flat Grid Attack, are attack rolls made for each target in the grid, or does a single attack roll (if that's all the weapon system provides) count as a hit or miss on every target. We felt both interpretations where valid and wondered what the ruling is.

    Thanks Ted and CMoN for a fantastic new game!

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    As the rules don't say otherwise you make an attack like any other attack rolling against each model in the grid. If it wanted you to make one attack and apply the result to all models in the grid, it would have said just that.

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    I can't wait to see the first battle reports!
    On a side note, am I the only one to have the impression the miniatures are on Petit Lu?
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    If you had units with different types of armor in the grid being targeted by a Flat Grid attack, you'd be forced to make several different rolls, since each would take a different number of dice. So I think it follows that you make separate rolls even if they're all the same type.

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    Thanks guys. That makes more sense to me now!

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    On a slightly off-topic note, it's good (-ish?) to see someone else with the same board warping issue as I'm having. Two days of pressing hasn't fixed it yet. I'm willing to assume they'll eventually settle down, but boy... they get knocked about by the kids a lot during play.

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