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Thread: Europe deliveries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Project Update #72: EU Update View Post
    We have great news for all of our EU backers! We were informed that the container of Rivet Wars was released by customs, and has already been received at our shipping partner's facility! The container arrived late in the day on Thursday, and our partners, knowing how important it was to start getting boxes out to you guys, shipped as many boxes as they could today.
    Since they didn't know the container would be released today they hadn't made special arrangements to ship huge quantities. Those arrangements were made today and EU should start shipping out tomorrow. So backers should start receiving tracking numbers at the end of the day tomorrow, or Monday. As the EU is 6 hours ahead of us we will most likely not have any updates over the weekend. We'll be back and posting updates on Monday (EST) as soon as we receive more information.
    As for Asia Pacific, we haven't heard anything yet, but we did send a message to our partners today. We will have an update for you as soon as there is an update, which will likely be tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support!
    If you have any questions please email
    Finally! If this is true we should have packages end next week.

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    Got my tracking number Looks like it will turn up at the same time as another KS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    Got my tracking number Looks like it will turn up at the same time as another KS.
    Lucky you. When is the expected delivery?

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    It doesn't seem to give a date for delivery, just that its moving around Germany

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    Clicking on to the Tracking page every 10 mins isn't making this truck go any faster

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    good for you! i'm hoping to see at least a tracking number today

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    Quote Originally Posted by endragor View Post
    good for you! i'm hoping to see at least a tracking number today
    I never got a tracking number, so don't count on that.

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    Mines out on delivery now. Three posties have knocked on my door today so far, none from DPD though. I think we should be able to log on to the vans satnav so we know exactly where they are

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    Fingers crossed (and lucky you for getting it in Cologne!) I've a feeling DPD delivers early here (getting it sent to my work address) so hoping for tomorrow or Wednesday. No tracking number either so reckon that'll appear this evening.

    I got a new mobile phone the other day and the delivery company actually provided a link where you could find out where the driver actually was on a Google Map

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    It's here and its frikkin' awesome
    I was about to reply "lucky you" when about 5 minutes ago the delivery bloke arrived with a CoolMiniOrNot branded box! Quite happy he left it as the office dog (who's normally very placid and unbelievably quiet) got up and started barking at him... Not opened it yet as I'm no longer on lunch...

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    got today a tracking number!!
    it's already in italy so i hope to get it in few days!!

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    Tracking Number Received, this morning the box was in Italy.
    @Endragor: who will be the first Italian to receive it ?

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    i'm 160 Km from the hub, so quite close^^

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    244,7 km away from me...

    Have any Kickstarter statistics been presented regarding backer nationality? Would be interesting to see how many from each country that backed this game.

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    Mine arrived around lunchtime in UK. Tracking number via email about 3 hours later! Haven't had much chance to look through it yet, but the models are even nicer in the flesh than I'd hoped. Very, very nice. Fastest shipping from germany I've ever had, and they're normally pretty nippy!

    Now I just have to wait for my vallejo model colour paints to turn up - bit lacking in the shades I need for these, so adding a half dozen paints to get it right.

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    Mine is here, but I am not as organised as to play a few games before the brushes come out. Sadadly I am back in work in about an hour so tomorrow it begins.

    Big thanks all around to Ted and CMON the quality from design to the actual models is first rate. No ugly flash or sprue tear marks and no unsightly mold lines - others take note. If this quality is maintained I am so glad I backed this to my limit and the naysayers our club will be gobsmacked.

    Cheers - bring it on

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