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    Default monowheel dragoon rapid assault question

    There is a little number (2) next to the special ability...Just wondering if that means he moves only 2 instead of 3 or if its a typo or something, everything else has its movement number next to it.

    and Does that mean anyone with Captain W. Parman has a buff that says Rapid Assault (3) does that mean if he is with a Rifleman they can move 3?

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    The rulebook explains that the number next to Rapid Assault is how many movement points that unit is able to use when moving before attacking.

    Yes, if a Rifleman is in the same grid as Parman, he can move 3 grids before attacking (and then skip his movement phase).

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    yeah i Realized that once I got home and looked at the rules....I played, then I wondered about it at work so I looked up the Pdfs, and most of those are old i Guess because they are different, and the old Monowheel didn't have the number next to them

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    FYI, Parman + Wolverine + 1 Infantry = a whole lotta fun & carnage on the battle field. Wolverine buffs the grid with defense, Parman buffs the grid with rapid assault, and the infantry is just there to take the first hit.

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